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  1. AnonymousOtter

    Waitlist 2018?

    Hey! I didn't post any updates before but: I followed Summer909's advice to send a LOCI, and I got my acceptance letter 4 days later. So I would strongly second his/her advice to do so. Good luck to all of you still waiting!!!
  2. AnonymousOtter

    Waitlist 2018?

    Yes this is what I meant! Thanks for your answer.. and you're right it'd be negative to not do one. It's just that as I was already on the waitlist last year (sad life), I was running out of things to say haha. Thanks for the advice and congrats on getting in !!!
  3. AnonymousOtter

    Waitlist 2018?

    Anyone that was waitlisted wrote a new letter of intent? I have to say I am not sure what they expect from that letter they allow people on the waitlist to send; especially if the personal statement was pretty thorough.. thanks in advance for the inputs! And do you think it's penalizing to not send one? Good luck to everyone waiting!