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  1. Btw, please be aware that the march LSAT is non-disclosure. Apparently, some people who have taken the January 2019 lsat overlooked the fact that it's a non-disclosed exam πŸ˜‘πŸ˜Ά
  2. Thebebebennies

    LSAT - Better than expected?

    Good job on the 170 score! When did you take your last ?
  3. Thebebebennies


    Hey guys! Theoretically, when i accept u of t law school, will that negatively affect my chances with other US law schools? I am assuming that lsac and olsas are two different systems and that they wouldn't see my Canadian law school applications and vice versa. My strategy would be to accept u of t as my safety net, but ultimately, I would like to get in at one of the top 4 law schools in the US. I appreciate your input in advance !
  4. If it's not available, then it's not available. Trust the lsac website.
  5. Thebebebennies

    Rewriting in July.. enough time?

    You know your learning ability and style that relates to your timeframe. Thus, you're the only one who could answer your question. That said, I studied the LSAT while taking 6 courses at u of t and I was able to manage everything. Again, learning and time frame is different for everyone. Good luck!
  6. Thebebebennies

    Turning 30 in 1L

    Your age won't matter at all! Don't be anxious.
  7. Thebebebennies

    Chances 3.65 GPA 171 LSAT (168 first LSAT)

    You're fine for u of t! Your LSAT score is very competitive.
  8. Thebebebennies

    Chances 3.65 GPA 171 LSAT (168 first LSAT)

    Have you taken your LSAT yet? I'm not sure if the 168/171 you have as your topic title are hypothetical. Could you confirm pls ?
  9. Thebebebennies

    Harvard minimum LSAT score

    This is a mere claim.
  10. Thebebebennies

    Nature of the undergrad degree

    It's interesting how the concept of "apples" applies to "chemistry" degree compared to maybe "oranges" no big deal and no weight, "arts" degree.
  11. Thebebebennies

    Nature of the undergrad degree

    Very well put! I second the motion!πŸ‘
  12. Thebebebennies

    Nature of the undergrad degree

    Some people think that they're smarter for taking "non-arts" degree, and It's funny πŸ˜…
  13. Thebebebennies

    Getting Worried

    It's interesting how I see a trend of students being accepted at u of t even with a 157 LSAT score while the others with higher LSAT score like 166 get rejected.
  14. Thebebebennies

    Harvard minimum LSAT score

    This is helpful! Thank you thank you !
  15. Hey guys! What's the minimum HLS's acceptable LSAT score ? Thanks !