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  1. I know that banks give $150-$160K credit limit for JD. Does anyone knows if banks provide more for dual degree like JD/MBA since the tuition is higher?
  2. This is a helpful explanation for people interested in applying at u of t law school. Great input.
  3. Totaling all three factors, what score would you need to get compelling shot at u of t? More than 80? Or greater than 85?
  4. I thought the u of t law has access to our (u of t students) grade? Maybe i am wrong.
  5. I am a U of T student. Do I still need to update u of t law with my transcript for this fall and winter semester?
  6. How accurate is the u of t scholarship calculator that shows 12k grant for low income students?
  7. Hey guys! Does someone needs to highlight his journey from finishing his undergraduate degree from a normal 4 to 2.5 years? Thanks! UofT Canadian specialist studies and double minor in international relations and political science. CGPA:4.0 B3: 4.0
  8. Perhaps google would be your best bet for your answers!
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