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  1. Man I'm praying to the law gods that the same thing will happen for the rest of us
  2. Does anyone else just feel so devastated that a place where you thought you were a top choice (and they said things to make you seem like you were a top choice) did not call you?
  3. Hey, I normally don't post here but as a 1L I think I got some knowledge for you. Apparently the school policy or something changed this year, and although the december exams are worth anywhere from 10-30%, they are not fail safe at the end. So no matter what you get on them, they do count, or so I've been told by my peers. So even if I do way better on the finals, the december exams still count. I hope that they don't, but as far as I know, they do.
  4. Its hard to say exactly what will happen. I know someone who got in with similar stats (same LSAT, similar L2 gpa) but a higher cGPA, and they also came from a science/engineering undergrad. So it all depends, but I'd say rewrite just to be safe.
  5. Extremely excited, got accepted today! LSAT 159 L2 3.75ish
  6. Got onto the waitlist from a deferred decision. L2 3.75 LSAT 159
  7. Got moved from Deferred Decision to Waitlist. I assume the class might be full, really hoping to get in. L2: 3.7ish LSAT: 159
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