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  1. I was literally about to reply "you have a good shot at Ottawa" and then scrolled down to see you got in recently! Congrats!
  2. Do you know if there's an updated list with Ryerson? I looked online but can't find anything.
  3. Hey sorry! Cgpa is 3.4ish and lsat 154 Ryerson is truly holistic so anyone still waiting don't lose hope!
  4. Accepted!! I am BEYOND EXCITED to be posting this here! Letter is dated March 23rd, but I saw the new communication today and said law approval!
  5. Oh boy, is this extension going to cause an even greater delay for those of us who haven't heard back yet? Can't imagine having to wait till the end up May....
  6. With most banks right now either closed or with reduced hours, is there a way to get the application started online, where you send proof of your acceptance and they do credit checks and all that jazz? Also as a side question, is scotiabank for law known to have the best overall offer compared to other banks? If I do all my banking with TD, is there a way to have TD match Scotias offer in terms of higher credit limit (been hearing 135K?) and other benefits they offer for law students? Thanks!
  7. In the very unlikely scenario that nobody has a car, what would happen? Have both schools coordinated something as a backup? I’d imagine even if a few had cars with over 90 students in the program could get tricky finding a ride maybe...
  8. Yeah I got that too. Got excited for a second thinking it was admission offer
  9. I don’t think it’s necessarily based on lsat date as my most recent is the nov one and still haven’t received anything.
  10. Dang seems like I missed the wave today... so many super high gpas
  11. I’ve been referred for a long time now but it still shows my lsat being initiated with an October 31 date. Weird because the dual status never showed that.
  12. They mentioned on the website that they’re finalizing the 2020 tuition rate and will update it on the admitted student page on the dualjd website. But I believe it’ll be around 150k total for the dual program (assuming no bursaries/grants or scholarships).
  13. Accepted early Feb! cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 154 Diverse ECs and a few long term volunteering roles/research + club executive role Also applied single but still shows referred to admissions.
  14. That’s good to know! I usually thought schools hand out more acceptances than seats knowing a good portion will choose to attend elsewhere. But I guess Ryerson has their own method with them being a new law school.
  15. As the title says, for those who wrote the November lsat have you heard yet from Ryerson? Still checking everyday and just shows “no communication” on my app Have they even waitlisted/rejected people yet?
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