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  1. Accepted early Feb! cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 154 Diverse ECs and a few long term volunteering roles/research + club executive role Also applied single but still shows referred to admissions.
  2. That’s good to know! I usually thought schools hand out more acceptances than seats knowing a good portion will choose to attend elsewhere. But I guess Ryerson has their own method with them being a new law school.
  3. As the title says, for those who wrote the November lsat have you heard yet from Ryerson? Still checking everyday and just shows “no communication” on my app Have they even waitlisted/rejected people yet?
  4. Just checked again and it now shows pending decision. Hoping for the best!
  5. Weird, I don't see anything on my application status.. I've been complete for a while now (wrote Nov lsat).
  6. I was searching for the dual but couldn't find the class of 2023 yet, so I just joined the "All years" group for now. Does the student law society make an official group themselves?
  7. I love how people throw Harvard and Yale around as if those are realistic options considering they reject 4.0gpa 170+ lsats on a regular basis and that Canadian big law employers "won't look at you" if you go to a school like Columbia or NYU lol.
  8. Yeah I’m not too concerned about that. Now just gotta play the waiting game...
  9. I wrote the nov 2019 lsat. But I’ve also taken it before. I confirmed with other Ontario schools and they received it, so idk why for the single jd shows initiated but not for the dual.
  10. Even though I got referred to admissions around last week, my to do list for the single jd still shows “lsat initiated” but nothing shows for the dual.
  11. Congrats! How long until after your status changed to "Referred admissions committee" did you receive your acceptances?
  12. On my TRU application checklist is still shows my July 2019 score even though my most recent take was from Nov 2019. I called a few weeks ago and apparently others have also mention their new scores aren't showing. They told me right now their busy helping their current students for the spring semester but will solve the problem soon, but its been over 2 weeks. I also called LSAC and they said that they sent my score to TRU and they have to manually request it from LSAC. What's weird is it shows they received my score Dec 20th, but still shows my old score. I feel like this is just going to delay everything even more for me...
  13. They told me if you’re still incomplete by mid feb then to call them. It’ll show that until they get to our files
  14. Wow it worked! Silly mistake on my part... Thanks courtrep and curiouslegal!
  15. I followed the link in the email too, and said It synced, but not sure why it redirects me to a microsoft login page. I put the same username and pass and says I cant log in. Did you also get redirected to the microsoft page?
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