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  1. If at all possible, it is likely better to take a financial hit now, during school, than later. You can make up for lost money, but it's more difficult to make up for lost opportunities because of grades. If your grades suffer because you over-commit to things aside from studying, it might close some doors for your future employment. Of course, money and grades are not the be all and end all. You can, and probably should, participate in extra-curriculars, but only to the extent they enhance your academic life, not detract from it.
  2. Can't speak for Pro Bono. SLA can take anywhere from as low as 15 minutes per week as high as infinity. You can take less demanding files and take only the number of files that is mandatory (which is two, if I remember correctly). On the flip side, you can take so many files that you are doing more SLA than schoolwork. How many hours do you work outside of school? Is it for spending money on the side, or is it for necessary expenses (e.g. rent, family support)? Working part-time and managing school at the same time is possible, but any more than 15 to 20 hours a week you might find that you have no life or no sleep, or both.
  3. No one I know has heard from DLA.
  4. HMC has called. And my dentist. I am assuming DLA and Field have not called yet.
  5. BLG making calls again, reception at 7pm Monday
  6. The following places have made (or are making) calls: Alberta Justice Bennett Jones BLG Carscallen Department of Justice
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