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  1. Hi all. Have some career challenges I'd like input on. I'm a junior lawyer that has moved from private practice to an in house position. I am the only lawyer in the organization practicing a certain type of law in Canada and didn't realize how challenging this would be. I feel completely over my head and lacking experience in nearly every task. I don't have anyone to turn to in the organization to seek guidance, and I am thinking I was (1) hired for a job I'm not qualified for or (2) the company thinks I much more experienced than I actually am, and (3) I left private practice too early into my career, unfortunately into a position where I have no mentorship. Does anyone have any comments or input?
  2. Thanks to you both. Avocadough, that makes me feel better. Maximumbob, that explanation really helps!
  3. Hey all, done a lot of googling and searching this forum and it seems the general concensus is not to stress to much about the tax portions of the solicitors exam. I am finishing up the business law section, the section culminating with "The Purchase and Sale of a Business", and it's dawning on me that I don't really understand much of the "tax considerations" that the materials talk about. Should I be spending more time trying to understand how it all works, or should I cut my losses? For those of you without the materials, one area talks about tax considerations when allocating the purchase price in an asset sale. I sort of have a very high level understanding of it (although they never even explain what allocating the purchase price means), but I worry that on the exam I will have little idea of what to put as an answer. Any help/advice is appreciated.
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