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    I was in their office recently and yes they were offering either 90k or 125k depending on school (as I recall, their Group A schools included U of T, and I think either Western or Windsor? plus some others - but not McGill for sure). They were also offering rates at prime for the Group A schools and prime + 0.5 for the rest I believe. I was told that there is actually a 2 year grace period after graduating/articling (not totally clear on which yet).
  2. rufus

    Stuff to Bring to Law School

    I'm not in law school yet but my understanding is that from an ergonomic perspective, a single larger monitor is usually preferable to two smaller ones. Also a question re: printers - laser ones seem vastly superior but generally only print in black and white (colour laser printers are very expensive) - did any of you laser printer-owning students find this caused you problems (such as with highlights in MS word outlines or digital sticky notes on PDFs)?
  3. rufus

    McGill Law 2018 Facebook Group?

    Any update on this? I've also been unable to join the Facebook group.
  4. rufus

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Accepted offer to McGill earlier this week. Offer was made in late April following French comprehension phone interview in early March. B.A. GPA was 3.5ish (scales differ but between a B+ and A-); M.A. GPA was more in the A- range. Took LSAT twice and got 161 and 170. Decent ECs, couple years' substantive work experience, decent French comprehension but not fully bilingual. Good luck to all those still waiting to hear!