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  1. LOL I was so impatient and called Aimee (i think that's how you spell it). She was so nice to me over the phone. She said the class is NOT full and more acceptances are coming. When I probed about access, I got nothing other than "access is also on a rolling basis like general applicants and we haven't filled our class". And so the waiting continues...
  2. I actually called them! They said that the class isn't filled yet, but will be by May 31. The reason people are getting waitlisted/rejected is because they want everyone to have an answer by the end of May, or even sooner! He specifically said that no news isn't bad news, it could be good news!
  3. Man, this is really heartbreaking. I've seen you post in these forums for so long - was really rooting for you.
  4. With those stats, if you can bump your LSAT you'll be admitted, no problem!
  5. I called them and they said the email went out to all applicants - lol i really played myself thinking it was foreshadowing an acceptance
  6. Hello! I just received an admission bursary email for the common law program. Did everyone get this?
  7. I actually have been watching your journey since last year, because I applied access and I was heartbroken for you when you were waitlisted/rejected. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
  8. I still haven't heard anything either. I am still so so so stressed. As a refresher I am: 3.3 cgpa, 3.54 L2 and 159 lsat. I am losing all hope lol
  9. Thank you everyone for your input! I really appreciate all the advice and feedback law school is not the be all end all - I am going to try to devise a Plan B!
  10. I've been trying to keep count. I've seen no more than 5 at any of the schools. Queens usually accepts about 20 so fingers crossed for all of us!!!!
  11. Hi everyone: Let me start by saying that I know that it is just a waiting game from this point forward. However, I would still love everyone's opinions on my realistic chances. I applied (in the access category) to Western, Queens, Ottawa, Windsor and Osgoode. My cGPA is 3.3 and L2 is 3.54. I know these are not stellar grades, and to top things off, I also only got a 159 on my LSAT, which I know is below average. So, needless to say, I feel really defeated. I have no idea what to do. If I don't get in this cycle (which it seems I won't lol), I have no backup plan. I haven't been applying to jobs, I haven't applied to any master's degrees, and I really don't want to have to come back to school for a fifth year. Has anyone experienced anything similar? What did you do? Any input would be appreciated. I am feeling really defeated and beaten down
  12. Really upset to be waitlisted this early. Applied access cgpa 3.3 l2 3.54 lsat 159
  13. Thank you for your input! I am so shocked that I dropped, and was really hoping that admissions wouldn't care too much, as I did manage to score a 159.
  14. Hey everyone I am in my 4th year of undergrad and wrote the Jan LSAT. My score went from a 159 to a 157, and I am freaking out. I applied to Western, Queens, Ottawa, Windsor and York. Is this going to set me back? I applied access with: CGPA 3.3/L2 3.54 Any thoughts will help!!
  15. Omg so jealous!! Congrats!! I'm cgpa 3.3, l2 3.54 and lsat 159!! This gives me hope
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