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  1. Hi There, I am so sorry about this - you have been quite active on these forums and wish you the best of luck. I just want to let you know that the Admissions team at Queen's are actually happy to provide feedback. Try reaching out to the admin at Queen's Law and set up a meeting with the Dean of Admissions. Alternatively anyone else on the admissions committee should be able to give you feedback. Usually they schedule time between September and the November 1st deadline! Hope this helps
  2. Hello! This cycle, I got into 3 schools and I got a 159 back in September 2018 and a 157 in January 2019. I re-wrote in February and got a 159 again but not sure that played a part as many schools don't take the Feb LSAT. When schools say they take the highest score, they are definitely being genuine!
  3. Not sure what happened, but on the class of 2023 facebook page, The number jumped from 208-215 people in the group overnight. I hope there are a lot of upper years in the group so that some of you can get in. Fingers crossed!
  4. Deadline was Feb 15 according to their website
  5. I applied access and heard back on April 7th, actually! Keep your chin up - hopefully your acceptance is coming soon
  6. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone remembers when they got their class schedules? I know that with COVID, this could change, but just wondering about your experiences from prior years. Thank you!
  7. I agree. We are having enough of 1L taken away from us, I don't think choosing to miss out on what's being given to us would be a great idea. Of course, these are just my personal opinions and everyone has unique circumstances amidst COVID
  8. Honestly I mostly skimmed through it, but they are planning a hybrid model but it will not be mandatory to attend the in-person component if you don't feel safe. Additionally, extra curriculars are probably going to happen in a modified way
  9. Queen's just sent an official email out saying they are doing a hybrid model, but it will not be mandatory for everyone. Now that they have officially sent this email out, I anticipate that many people will move to Kingston. In terms of your concerns of missing out, I think if you don't move it will make it that much harder to bond with the people that do (which will likely be a majority of the students)
  10. Hey everyone! Western just released a statement that they are officially moving forward with a mixed model. Some courses will be online and some will be taught in person. The president said students can plan to be on campus and should proceed accordingly in terms of housing, etc. THIS GIVES ME HOPE link: https://www.uwo.ca/coronavirus/presidents-updates/
  11. Hey, it says that on my SOLUS too. Obviously they will have a record of who paid and who didn't - you should still go ahead and pay regardless of what SOLUS says. Hope that helps!
  12. I was put on the waitlist yesterday! cGPA: 3.32 L2: 3.62 LSAT 159 I filled out Part B
  13. Obviously, this is super subjective, but I thought that they were decent. I worked 2 part time jobs, was heavily involved as the president in 2 clubs, worked every summer, etc.
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