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  1. Hello, Perhaps naive, but I was just wondering if anyone here has ever been successful with the 1L recruit despite having bad grades? If so, what did you do that made you stand out? Thank you
  2. I got into 4 Ontario schools last year and the predictor said "highly unlikely." Take that as you may
  3. I had a 159 lsat, 3.32 cgpa and 3.64 l2
  4. Honestly, Queen's is such an amazing place to go to law school! The collegiality here is very real. I have not met ONE person who isn't willing to help. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and everyone is super nice. I also think the faculty is pretty supportive - we have a really good wellness program
  5. As the title says This forum helped me a lot when I was in the application cycle and I'd really like to pay it forward!
  6. Actually, I disagree. It is your last 10 courses. This is how they calculate your best 2.
  7. Hi there! Please DM me as well Happy to help!!
  8. Hey! Please PM me if you would like but I just want to say that I am SO relieved that I took a year off between my undergrad and law school and a lot of my friends who went straight after undergrad wish they had a break. If you already feel burnt out, I would say starting law school that way is probably not a good idea. Jobs, among other things, are highly dependent on your grades and you want to enter with your best foot forward!!
  9. You are correct! Your schedule will be completely assigned to you.
  10. I spoke to someone at Queen's!
  11. I heard we're getting them on July 28th! Also yes, Queen's is going to be dividing the class into sections this year!!
  12. Hi There, I am so sorry about this - you have been quite active on these forums and wish you the best of luck. I just want to let you know that the Admissions team at Queen's are actually happy to provide feedback. Try reaching out to the admin at Queen's Law and set up a meeting with the Dean of Admissions. Alternatively anyone else on the admissions committee should be able to give you feedback. Usually they schedule time between September and the November 1st deadline! Hope this helps
  13. Hello! This cycle, I got into 3 schools and I got a 159 back in September 2018 and a 157 in January 2019. I re-wrote in February and got a 159 again but not sure that played a part as many schools don't take the Feb LSAT. When schools say they take the highest score, they are definitely being genuine!
  14. Not sure what happened, but on the class of 2023 facebook page, The number jumped from 208-215 people in the group overnight. I hope there are a lot of upper years in the group so that some of you can get in. Fingers crossed!
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