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  1. lawcat

    Feb LSAT?

    I recently called Queen's and they said that they will be accepting the February score this year.
  2. Hey there! Just some friendly advice. Your L2 is super strong. That being said, without at least a 157, your chances are pretty low. I'd suggest re-writing in January or February.
  3. I applied access!! Cgpa 3.32 L2 3.61 LSAT 159
  4. You are definitely in! With your stats, you'll probably be moved to the general category.
  5. I truly wish you the best of luck. You deserve to get an acceptance before Christmas!
  6. I wish you the best of luck! If your L2 is 3.5+ you may have a shot at Windsor. If you can, you should try to bump up your LSAT.
  7. I echo the above comment - seems you may have a good chance at the L2 schools. I know that Western likes for their access applicants to have at least a 3.3cgpa though!
  8. Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a thread to share stats/success stories and any other info about applying Access this cycle. My cGPA is 3.32, L2 3.61 and LSAT 159 I applied to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, Western and Windsor! I am re-writing the LSAT in January so I am really hoping I can get a higher score.
  9. Hi there, I would like to get some one on one tutoring for my LSAT in Toronto. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am taking the January LSAT. Also, if you're a tutor feel free to private message me!
  10. Hey guys! Today is the last day to register for the January LSAT and I am so torn. My stats are: LSAT 159, cGPA 3.32, L2/B2 3.61 I also applied in the access category to Osgoode, Ottawa, Western, Queens and Windsor. I'm just not sure if I will get much higher than 159 because I have not begun studying yet. If I start this week, I will only have about 5 or 6 weeks of studying... not even sure if this is enough! I have already written the LSAT 3 times... Anyway, just hoping to get some opinions­čśî
  11. I just needed a breather honestly! I also want to pay off my MASSIVE undergrad osap. I didn't want to defer because I didn't want to limit my options! Re-applying with the same stats - maybe will re write my lsat in jan!
  12. I am re-applying too! I actually got into 2 Ontario schools last cycle in August but decided to take a year off instead. Applying again so I don't limit my chances and hope I hear sooner than August!
  13. Hey everyone, Was wondering if I am allowed to copy and paste or if that isn't allowed? Thank you!
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