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  1. Waitlisted! LSAT 159 L2 3.62 CGPA 3.32 access applicant
  2. Wow, was really rooting for you. I'm so sorry!
  3. Waitlisted yesterday. I applied access. Does anyone know if they may pull off waitlist? cgpa 3.32 l2 3.64 lsat 159
  4. I have been waitlisted at Western too. Honestly wanted to go to Western for so long, so I am completed gutted by this decision. I was deferred decision first. L2 3.64 cgpa 3.32 lsat 159
  5. My PS was just about how my whole life led up to me wanting to become a lawyer. I highlighted some unique life experiences in my PS too. I will be sure to request feedback though, thank you!
  6. Rejected today as well. No email, just updated on uozone This is my first rejection, but I am just so upset about it... makes me feel like the other schools are going to do the same. LSAT 159 L2 3.64 CGPA 3.32 I applied access.
  7. I actually called because I have a job offer that will expire if I don't sign it very soon - unfortunately, the schools don't care. They have to go at their own pace. Unfortunately, you will hear when you are meant to hear. I am also super stressed with my deadline fast approaching!
  8. Lol lost all hope now... on the phone they said we'd hear back by June ish
  9. I am wondering if any other access applicants are in the same boat as me! My status changed on May 6th to "Deferred Decision." The letter said they wanted to see my final grades before they made a decision!
  10. Did anyone else get the deferred decision status? Only 8 people posted here, so wondering for more accurate numbers
  11. Yup. I just want some closure
  12. Hi Capitalttruth, I think deferred decision means they're going to be waiting to give me a reply until I submit final grades
  13. Hello! Deferred decision today! CGPA 3.3 L2 3.54 159
  14. In queue since Jan 14 cgpa 3.3 L2 3.54 159
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