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  1. I have to say it's very strange you're not in at Western. Maybe they are more holistic than we give them credit for. Then again you're in at other schools so maybe there's a lot of weight on the essay scenario thing ahahahaha
  2. I suppose, but I always say that's a moot argument if you bankrupt yourself in the process and can't even graduate ahahaha If anyone who has been through the provisional acceptance process and as experienced this please let us know.
  3. This is what it says in the offer from Ottawa: "You must submit to the University of Ottawa a non-refundable tuition deposit of $500 no later than June 1, 2019. Please note that offers of admission will be withdrawn if the deposit is not received by this date." I think this wording makes it clear that we can basically ignore the deposit and not worry about it until June 1st. If another school sends an offer before June 1st, we just don't pay Ottawa and our offer gets revoked. All good though cause we got a new offer. Right? At least I hope this is how it works, I'm not really down to just blow $500 for the hell of it.
  4. Are you sure? I hadn't thought about this. Let's say I provisionally accept Ottawa but get accepted to another school before June 1st, do I have to pay? I didn't think I had to.
  5. What fee? Do you mean the deposit requested by the school? If so, I don't think the deposits are due for a while, at least I think Ottawa is in June. Or is there some other fee I don't know about?
  6. For Ontario schools everything is done on OLSAS.
  7. True I suppose. I'm just very pessimistic, and in line with the topic of this thread, not receiving any updates sort of makes it frustrating. I'm still hoping for the best, time will tell.
  8. Oz would be a dream, it's my second choice after Western. But later in the cycle? It's already very late, I'm gonna be screwed trying to put living arrangements together if I don't hear anything until August, or even July.
  9. I'm in at Ottawa, it's just not my top choice. I know my LSAT is a bit low for Queens but I figure my GPA more than makes up for it?
  10. I've got a 3.92 CGPA and L2 and a 157, still no word from Queens for me. My EC's are also pretty week. Been doing a banking internship for the past year which is what I focused on (it's a b-corp bank which made it easy to speak about the utilitarian aspects of my work). Volunteer work for the past year (once a week for 3 hours). Some one off volunteer events with Startup Awards Canada. Student note-taker for fellow classmates with disabilities (although I only did this once for one class). Nothing impressive and no student government positions or clubs. I have spent most of my time in undergrad working and studying just to stay afloat. Honestly I completely forgot about the written scenario, I think I answered it just fine though. Or maybe I showed some serious ethical problem that I overlooked? (nah, it's most likely just my weak LSAT).
  11. Is Queens not similar to Western for admissions? I know they say minimum 157 but they seem to be similar to Western with wanting over 160.
  12. I find it strange that OP has two lines. Mine only has one as well.
  13. Fair enough. I usually only check it once a week. It seems clear to me they probably have some sort of wait list going on so it would be nice to know where we sit on that.
  14. You gotta remember that Western has one of the smaller class sizes in Ontario, and we are by no means entitled to an offer. Getting above average stats is not a guarantee to anything. Obviously I'm not happy about not getting an offer before April, but what can be done? There is not really anything the school can do to relieve stress. Don't get me wrong, I understand the pain. Western has been my top choice for years and everyday that goes by I have to accept more and more that I probably won't get the chance to attend.
  15. Are you sure the 3.7 was an L2 median and not CGPA? If I remember correctly the number used in the prospectus (if that's what you're referring to) was a CGPA. This might mean that the median L2 is higher? I've got a significantly higher gpa and a lower LSAT, and yea, I'm beyond worried at this point, but I would be confident with that LSAT score you have. EDIT: just revisited the prospectus, it does not specify if the 3.7 is CGPA or L2. It only says that both are considered and the L2 is the focus. Still uncertain as to which the 3.7 is. It would seem very low to me to have the 3.7 as an L2. EDIT: never mind, I see the mean last 2 average lower on the page. You're right, it is 3.7.
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