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  1. 156+ and you have a good shot at Osgoode.
  2. I don't know why but this seems crazy to me. Maybe I need to be calling someone at OSAP and asking why I barely receive any bursaries.
  3. I only mention the kind of people who go to UoT because you mentioned only 30% of their grads have over 100k in debt. I'm saying that is most likely the case due to students there having wealthy families (I don't know this for sure obviously, just taking an educated guess, based on tuition expense and downtown living costs). My undergrad debt is around 20k. I expect I'll use about 120-130 of my loc between 1L and articling.
  4. Have you considered the types of kids who go to UoT? Particularly their family wealth? I'd be willing to bet their parents pay their way a lot more than someone over at Bora Laskin or any other school for that matter. No one said that it is average, only that it happens, a lot.
  5. No kidding eh. Didn't do it during undergrad, sure as hell won't do it during 1L.
  6. You'd probably also get a cohort of people with over 100k in debt because they don't want to live with 6 people who are likely strangers during their mid 20s during the most important academic year in their entire lives. And no one should fault them. Sure I can go on fb and look for those looking for roommates, but how can I be certain that living situation won't turn to shit during the most important year of my life in a city I've never lived in and have no current contacts.
  7. That's all well and fine, but I think living with that many people who you don't know in 1L is an awful idea. Many, including myself, are moving from somewhere different. I don't have any friends to get a place with in North York, and even though I can meet people online, that's a terrible idea for 1L. In subsequent years, sure, it's a possibility, but it's certainly not like likely for 1L.
  8. @wtamow Seems to be living a decade in the past.
  9. So you did your undergrad for free? Was your parental income negative?
  10. I'm sorry but you have just lost a lot of credibility. Unless you mean with roommates, particularly 10 roommates. I've visited many friends living in both these cities and never did they ever have rent that cheap. A one bedroom in these cities near campus is still 700-1000
  11. Yes I am in Ontario. Total OSAP estimate for the upcoming year is 10k, only 1500 of which is a bursary. No income, no assets, and fairly low parental income. I highly, highly, highly doubt it is common for OSAP to give away 5k in bursary, in my first year they gave me a laughable $950.. If they had given me 5k, in combination with my scholarship, I would have been making money during my undergrad. Also, you keep mentioning Windsor as high tuition. Am I missing something, because I was under the impression that Windsor was relatively cheap for the single JD?
  12. You conveniently left out the part where OP said "but I feel like a client shouldn't pay".
  13. I will certainly be close to 150k by time I'm done, including undergrad debt. (This will really depend on how I manage the money I make during the summers). "You used to get around a ~5-7k bursary from OSAP" - Where is this coming from? I've never received that much of a bursary from OSAP ever. My bad if I've stated that previously but it's not true. "Assuming you are living at home" - bad assumption, I've been living away from home for undergrad and will continue to during law school. 30-50k in debt for law school? That's an absolute joke to me. That would be amazing, but no where near my reality. I don't know what world you're living in to think that 150k debt is "mythical".
  14. Oh definitely, but the average person does not have 150k + in unsecured debt.
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