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  1. thedraper

    Sketches' Verifiers Contacted

    Ah true, good point. I probably won't do it, but good to know.
  2. thedraper

    Struggling to boost score!?

    I'd say push it back. Sounds like you might be burning out? I found my score got better when I consistently did 1-2 sections a night (timed), and then 1 fully time PT a week. A 141 will not get you into any ON schools (assuming there are no access considerations). Push it back, and if you still can't get into the 150s, consider taking a year off.
  3. thedraper

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    I know a 157 alone is no great for those schools. But what about in light of a slightly more competitive gpa?
  4. thedraper

    Transcript Q

    As far as I know it's on us to send our Fall 2018 transcripts by March 1st, 2019 (though I can't remember where I read that). So yes, technically they may consider first semester marks of 4th year. However you might get accepted before that. If you're a borderline applicant, they may wait to see your marks, so don't start slacking now.
  5. thedraper

    Chances [3.9 GPA and 171 LSAT]

    Jesus. I think with stats like that you know you're in everywhere.
  6. thedraper

    Number and Quality of Sketches

    I'd say your only slightly below what most have (from the friends I've spoken with). I'm sitting at 9 and trust me, I have nothing to brag about. It's mostly fluff. Just put down what you think is relevant. You'll be fine. In regards to the intranet company, just put the address where you physically went to work. If you worked from home, put the personal address of whoever you reported to.
  7. thedraper

    Specializations of Different Law Schools

    It's really hard to say. From all of my research and from speaking to some students, I've gathered this: 1. Ottawa - social justice, environmental (don't quote me on environmental, I just heard from a current student that it's big there) 2. Osgoode - social justice, corporate/business law 3. Queens - traditionally family and criminal law, focusing more on corporate now 4. Windsor - social justice/access to justice It's hard, and likely not reasonable to sum up the schools like that, but that's the general sense I've gotten. Definitely take the time to go through each schools website.
  8. thedraper

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    Unfortunately I don't think I currently have the means to get a 160+ right now. I re-wrote this past September and got a 156. Between work, money, full-time school, I don't think I can dedicate enough time to studying again. I know I have it in me to get a 165+ (who doesn't), but I'd have to take a year off in to study and work (and this is not something I want to do). It really sucks cause Oz and Western are my top choices. I would definitely go to Queens if it is the only place I got in. Ottawa is meh to me. I have not considered UBC cause I don't plan on leaving Ontario. Plus, my LSAT is atrocious for UBC.
  9. thedraper

    Sketches' Verifiers Contacted

    Is there room to put their emails? I may have to take another look.
  10. thedraper

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    Not challenging your assessment, but do you think Oz is harder to get into with those stats? I'm genuinely curious. I have a cgpa of 3.91, and a 157. I was under the impression that I had better odds at Oz than Western (though, western is my top choice)
  11. I'm in a similar boat, with similar aspirations for corporate law. I'm spinning mine as a desire to help people by supporting business. Just be honest. Your goals are respectable and there is nothing dishonest about pursuing corporate law. If you see business as something that is utilitarian to society, then explain how you want to facilitate that process.
  12. thedraper


    I don't think there is a title. It really through me off and it seems really weird the way they have it setup. Kinda expected more for a law school app...
  13. thedraper

    Application Query

    And make sure it's a full course load.
  14. thedraper

    2 LSAT Scores

    Assuming that 3.99 is OLSAS, I think you're in at all Ontario schools, probably even UoT. Cant see that much of a different between a 160 and 162, but it does show that you can concisely score in the 160s.
  15. thedraper

    Future LSAT - Admissions

    Of course, I've seen it numerous times on the accepted threads.