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  1. I brought in 10+ files to my firm as a 2L summer student because I am bi-lingual. The firm offered me an articling salary 20K more than the market price. Now I am half way through the article and already built a growing clientele (50+ clients). The firm recognized my contribution with a very generous offer for an associate position. I agree if you can show your potential to be a rainmaker in a non-English language market, you will be more valuable to small to medium sized firms. Further, having the language skill itself is not enough, you have to show your ability and eagerness to utilize it as a marketing tool. You must actively approach the potential client base, rather than sit and wait for them to come to you.
  2. Thank you for your input, its greatly appreciated. I understand that smaller firms are more flexible on hiring policy. The starting salary and future growth highly depend on the value that someone can bring to the firm. Two further questions: 1. Medium sized firms may offer a higher articling salary, but does the future earning potential is capped and less than big firms? 2. I know lawyers move from big law to smaller places for various reasons, but is it more difficult to move from a medium sized firm to national firms?
  3. Without revealing myself, let's say I got an articling offer from the firm I am currently summering with. I am surprised that the offered salary is $25,000 higher than the city average, and even $5,000 more than the local office of national firms. I am not bragging. This offer is just too good to be true, and therefore made me suspicious. I was wondering why they offered that much money. I know that they want me to stay, but I don't see myself that valuable to them. I am just a law student finished two years in school, and the firm can easily find another candidate do the same or better job at the market price. I got this summer job through networking after failing short to land a position on Bay Street. When the managing partner asked my plan for articling, I admitted that I had applied to other places and received interview invitations. I also told him that I really enjoy my work and would like to stay if the firm extends a competitive offer. Anyone who was/is working at medium sized firms can enlighten me on the future earning capacities comparing with bigger firms? I understand that smaller firms expect junior associates to be able to bring in clients and have a broader range of practice areas, whereas big firms want you to develop a specialization and assist senior partners.
  4. Thanks. So if I finish articling in summer 2020, I still have access to the full $135K until summer 2022? I will then receive a letter regarding to a 10 or 15 years repayment plan?
  5. I understand that no payments are required until 2 years after articling. My question is when would a PSLOC change into a variable-rate (e.g. prime) term loan? In other words, when a student cannot borrow more money even the balance is under the maximum? For example, if my policy limit is at $125K but I only borrowed $90K after completing articling. Do I still have access to the remaining $35K in the next two years interest only period, or the cap is down to $90K? Thanks!
  6. Received a phone call from the Edmonton office of Bennett Jones.
  7. I submitted my application on May 12. Got a call two days after.
  8. Got a call from Bennett Jones on May 14th. First interview scheduled on June 4th.
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