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  1. vanillamochi

    Course selection

    Probably because despite the long breaks between classes in A02, people preferred the intimate setting for Crim (01 and 03 are combined from Crim) and because the schedule for A03 is best if you like short days.
  2. vanillamochi

    Waitlist 2018

    where are you headed?!
  3. vanillamochi

    Disclosure of Health Issues

    Thank you all for your perspective on the matter! I’ll look into contacting the law societies that would potentially be involved.
  4. vanillamochi

    Disclosure of Health Issues

    Thankfully it hasn’t, but that’s a good point!
  5. vanillamochi

    Disclosure of Health Issues

    Hey all, I tried poking around on the forum for past discussions of this kind, but I didn't see anything directly related to my concerns. I'm curious as to what needs to be disclosed/what is looked into when you are called to the bar with regards to (mental) health conditions and medications you are on. Obviously, I want to take care of myself as best as I can in general and especially before I start law school this fall (this summer I'm looking into being treated for what I suspect could be Bipolar disorder), but I also don't want any medications or delcared illnesses to have a negative impact on my eligibility. Furthermore, I believe it may also be beneficial for me to be prescribed something like Concerta due to my ADHD-- does anyone have any insight with regards to if these things matter very much?