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  1. Hey guys, Any idea on how common it is for incoming 1L students to be accepted for scholarships/bursaries? I understand most are based on circumstance, so for that sake I am a white male from a lower-middle class family living in a single-parent household. I'd appreciate any help on this matter!
  2. What is a typical weekly schedule for a 1L like?
  3. I am finishing up my undergrad at Western, so I am used to the ra-ra school spirit. So far, Ottawa has the edge for me because I think I would prefer to be in a larger city rather than in a university town for my early-20s.
  4. Hi all, Currently deciding between uOttawa and Queens law. any suggestions?
  5. Got accepted today! cGPA 3.45 LSAT 163. Best of luck everyone!
  6. Hi, where in your uOttawa account did it show up?
  7. Did you apply and get accepted anywhere else?
  8. I go to Western, and my cGPA will likely be around 3.45 at the end of this year, with a L2 GPA of 3.6. I got a 163 on the LSAT, and my top choices are Queens, McGill, Ottawa, and UVic. Any idea on what my chances are?
  9. Hi guys, When do the first waves of acceptances begin to roll in? Super early, I know, but just curious. Thanks
  10. Hi, do law schools weigh 3rd year marks equally to 4th?
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