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  1. shelz

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    I sent my transcript to UDM but not yet to LSAC. Did you guys make that request through CAS?
  2. Yes, both are mandatory as well as the border crossing. Are you accepted? If you are, you should have gotten an e-mail with a corrected checklist and dates yesterday.
  3. Also, we have a mandatory border crossing Aug 15 + 16 (divided into two days by last name).
  4. shelz

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Was referred to admissions. Mature student as well.
  5. shelz

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    ACCEPTED JUST NOW! LSAT: 153, 153, GPA 3.09 EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. shelz

    Rejected from Queen's 2018

    Rejected as of today (no official letter yet, but shows on Solus). GPA: 3.09, LSAT: 153/153, Mature/Access Not surprised, but relieved to finally get an answer.
  7. shelz

    Stats of those waitlisted

    GPA: 3.09 LSAT: 153, 153 Access/Mature, 6 years of experience in the legal field, law clerk diploma, B.A. Hons, lots of ECs, reason for drop in grades during 3rd year university with supporting documents. *fingers crossed*