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  1. Thanks for understanding and for the advice, appreciate it.
  2. Thank you! I'll try to remember these things.
  3. Thanks so much. Feeling less freaked out after reading this + other posts on here.
  4. Thank you for sharing and for the encouragement !
  5. I shouldn’t have used mental breakdown as it is just a freak out for now. But thanks for the feedback.
  6. Wow. Thank you. Much appreciated
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Do you recommend any books or other resources to best prepare me for the LSAT?
  8. Schools that rank nationally, I know some people don’t believe in such thing in Canada. But my desire to go attend a law school in Toronto is because of several personal factors
  9. I’d love to attend McGill law, but I don’t think I can learn French that fast or well enough. I was considering taking classes but if I do bad that will affect my gpa
  10. You are right, undergrad is a nothing compared to what happens in law school. I want to succeed in undegrad so I will be able to take it to the next level, in this case, law school. As to research, I have and a high GPA and LSAT seem to be important. Because I do not know how well I’ll do on the lsat i’m hoping to get as high as an average as possible as backup
  11. I believe everything I receive and do not receive is due to things I have done to get there. That’s why I’m asking what I should be doing rn to get where I want to be
  12. Hello everyone. I really really need some advice. I need to get into UofT’s or Osgoode’s law school. It has been a dream of mine since I was in elementary. I was a smart student throughout secondary and got into all my undergrad choices (Western, Mcgill, McMaster). I ended up having to stay local, so I’m currently at Windsor. I thought I would excel since Windsor is considered “easy”. However, I’m in second year and my average is around 83%? I’m trying to increase it substantially this year but it’s been a struggle. I know an 85 won’t cut it if I want to be competitive. I have personal factors that play in that suppress my motivation. I just got a paper back and got a 75. Horrible. It just hit me what if I’m not smart enough to get into Canada’s top law schools or any law schools for that matter. Since I am in second year, I am hoping I still have time to become better? So my question is, what should I prioritize in order to have my chances of getting into Osgoode or UofT as high as possible? I can’t imagine not being able to have a choice in what law school I want to attend in Canada. I want to excel, I have to, it’s all I got. Being “school smart” is the only thing that’s been stable in my life and all of a sudden I’m dumb? I’m so frustrated but I’ll be even more frustrated if my marks do not change for the better. What did you do that got you in to Osgoode, UofT or other “top” Canadian law schools? What should I be doing atm and for the next two years to make it almost certain that I will have a good chance of being accepted? I appreciate your time reading this. Any experiences, thoughts, opinions, and facts on getting into top law schools in Canada would be appreciated. I want to fulfill my dream.
  13. So I've been really stressing out about my future. I'm a first year student at the University of Windsor, which was my last option, but due to personal/family reasons I decided I couldn't move far away. Even though it is irrelevant now-I got early acceptance at McGill and Western- that's not worth shit now. Also now that I think of it I doubt I could have afforded to move away. Anyways I ended up with a %82.6 my first semester which is horrible I know, but I had a lot going on (family illness). I know my average this semester will be a lot higher as I've been more focused. My questions are: - Have I already ruined my chances at getting into I don't know, U of T's law school? Especially since my undergrad school is ranked quite low and my average first semester was too? - Let's say I do get my grades up, what else do I need to accomplish to make me a competitive student? I recently joined a uni club and work part-time at this one job. - What should I start doing now to prepare for the LSAT? I'm thinking of getting some books for this summer, any reccomendations? Any advice would be helpful, I don't know any lawyers or future lawyers that I could talk to. And law students who are attending UofT now or other top law schools, what made you competitive? Thank you for taking the time to read and/or reply.
  14. I am a senior almost done high school. My goal was to go to McGill or Western. Got accepted to both. Dad has stage 4 cancer; I’m not sure if I should be leaving anywhere too far at the moment. McGill is 9 hours away, London is 2 hours away. I hate this pathetic place, I was ready to move. I was ready for bright opportunities and top of the notch professors. But I think the logical choice is Windsor University (hour away from home). I want to study political science. I thought if I went to Western I’d have better opportunities in that field to maybe even help with a job!? For the degree itself is already worthless anyway. But Windsor won’t come close to that. The goal is law school. I have two questions: - Will law schools like U of T dislike my choice of undergrad? - Should I just crush my dreams, stay close to home and attend a shitty uni in a place I already hate !?? The goal is law school anyways I guess. Thank you
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