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  1. PS and CV get uploaded through Minerva. Go to the page where you can see all the documents and you'll have the option to upload them.
  2. I got in off the waitlist with a 4.0/4.3 cGPA and a 160 LSAT. My (eventual) acceptance letter said they were particularly impressed by my references and PS, so I think that tipped the scales for me. You may have better luck due to the higher GPA, but at the same time next year's application pool may be stronger too. Just rock your PS (don't settle for mediocre - it's like the one thing you have control over at this point) and you'll be in pretty good shape!
  3. Ah, congrats!! and congrats to you too!!
  4. I do appreciate you not calling me out, I suppose, but I'm assuming you're referencing me with that last paragraph. I've never applied to law school before, and when I found out I was on the waitlist, I Googled what exactly a LOCI is and how it should be formatted. I'm not really sure why you think that someone who has no experience with LOCI's is any less deserving of a spot in the class because they used Google to help them figure it out. After the first couple of results I understood what it should contain and how it should be formatted, and then went on to write what I'm assuming was a decent letter. I didn't copy/paste a Google example; I wrote it about myself. It took me 5-6 hours to write like 3/4 of a page. I paid attention to every tiny detail, compared it to my personal statement, and generally just put a lot of work into it. I can't really wrap my head around how me using Google for preliminary research is in any way upsetting, hurtful, or disappointing. I understand you're upset that you didn't get in, and that's perfectly fair. I would be too if I were you. But it might be a bit of a stretch to fault me for using Google, or to somehow imply that that's hurtful. Not to mention you discounting the rest of my application. You can blame whoever and whatever you want, but at the end of the day, that's not really going to get you anywhere. I know you've been a positive addition to the forums and have encouraged others to remain positive and hopeful. I'm sure you'll do great with whatever it is that you decide to do. However, I think those kinds of comments do nothing to further what you had elsewhere mentioned was your goal of spreading kindness and positivity (paraphrasing). I don't mind being a punching bag, especially not on an anonymous online forum, but you may someday say something about someone who doesn't take so kindly to that kind of thing. I do sincerely hope things work out for you, and good luck with your plan b. There have been plenty of instances in which plan b's turn out better than plan a's ever would have!
  5. That's exactly what I've been doing! Slowly working my way through everything. Thank you again, this feedback has been super helpful!
  6. I was looking at spots around the law place and it seems that it's significantly more expensive than La Cite. Maybe I'm just a little late looking at it and the good ones have been scooped up, but Luna is $300 more than La Cite, and the Timbercreek properties (Le Sommet being one of them) have really bad reviews. Plus they are also more expensive than the unit I found at La Cite. I'm not really sure where these better prices are, albeit I understand that me not being there physically is definitely making them harder to find. But I'll keep looking! I'm in my early 20s, although I don't really drink/party. I hear that they soundproof the units pretty well, and I don't anticipate spending much time in the common areas. But I certainly understand what you mean, and again, I appreciate all the info!!
  7. There are lots of complications and I'm not going to get into it all here, but basically I could but would prefer not to. And as a result, I've eliminated the higher-risk places from consideration, and have accepted that I'll overpay as a result. I know that probably seems unwise, but there are a lot of factors at play that I'm not mentioning that make the situation at least somewhat less illogical. I've toured basically the entire ghetto on google street view haha. I really do appreciate the direct/honest advice!
  8. That's fair, but I live quite far away. Gas and tolls alone are $300. I also don't have a car and would have to rent one. Another ~$300. I agree $150 is plenty for two nights, but even that brings me to $750. Add in food for my wife and I and that's an easy $800+. I mean, I'll do it if I have to. There's 0 chance I would rent from a private landlord in the ghetto without going first. But even if I go check out some spots, there's a chance I'll end up back home having hated all the spots I looked at, and in the exact same position I was before I left (other than being $800+ poorer). That's why I'm leaning towards corporate rentals. If I had a car then you'd be correct in saying it'd cost less. Unfortunately that isn't the case. Canada is just too big!
  9. Yeah, I suppose a 5 minute bus ride isn't bad, since I assume the bus probably comes pretty often. I'll give them a call tomorrow too! Ugh, it's so frustrating trying to do this remotely. A trip there, even for 2 nights, would probably cost me around $800-$900, and that's if I drive. Obviously that's better than getting completely ripped off ,but it's a huge hassle and a lot of money to mitigate what I'm assuming to be a relatively small risk (if I end up going with one of these commercial renters). This is really helpful and I really appreciate it!
  10. Thank you very much for the info! Money isn't a huuuge issue. My parents are paying for a lot of the costs, and I'm coming with my wife and she will be working, so any debt I take will be relatively minimal. I have anxiety, and I know I'll struggle with it if I don't feel comfortable with where I'm living, which is almost certainly going to be the case if I get one of the $800 studios I've seen on Kijiji. So while I don't have enough to spend like $2k on rent, I'm willing to overpay a bit haha. I've accepted that with me being as picky as I am, the odds of getting a good deal are next to none. Luna looks nice, but it's a little more expensive than La Cite even. I'll give them a call tomorrow to see if they have anything though! For a variety of reasons, it's really important for me to be within like 15 minutes walking distance from McGill, so 2021 Atwater isn't really feasible, although it did look nice. Thanks again for your input! I appreciate it!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice to give re: renting at La Cite. I found what I feel is a pretty good unit (getting fully renovated before I move in, good amount of space, on my ideal floor), so I paid the $150 "deposit" just to hold it. I read a lot of reviews online, and the general consensus seemed that it was more expensive than it had to be, but that you're paying for convenience. On top of that, my assumption is that I'm also paying a bit of a premium for safety (well lit, fob entry, unlikely to have to hound a landlord to fix the locks/fire alarm, no direct entry to the unit, etc.) and for not moving into a place that's full of mold/roaches (which seemed entirely possible in some other units judging by their Kijiji pictures). Would that be accurate? Unfortunately, I'm likely going to have to sign the lease without being able to make the trip to see the place in advance, so I also feel (and correct me if I'm wrong) that it's less risky to do so with such a big corporate landlord as opposed to some of the other units. I'm entirely fine losing my $150 if it turns out that people that know anything about it all say that it's awful. I'd really appreciate any advice you can give, be it positive, negative, or neutral. Thank you! EDIT: And if anyone knows, how would these compare to the Trylon apartments (specifically the ones in the ghetto)? Those seem okay too, and slightly cheaper (although electricity isn't included, but I do like that they have a night watchman (I'm a bit of a worrier when it comes to safety haha, and I'd happily "overpay" for it)).
  12. Aw, well I hope you get in this year! But I get where you're coming from in terms of feeling like there's not much left to say. Keep in mind that they get tons of applications and while you remember what you've told them, they likely don't. Thanks and good luck!
  13. If by "letter of intent" you mean letter of continued interest, then yeah, I would say it's worth doing. When I got the waitlist letter (mid-May), they gave me until June 1st to accept the position on the waitlist. I assumed that probably meant that they would only start reviewing it after June 1st, when they have a better sense of who even wants to be on the waitlist. Even with that assumption, I still gave myself a week to get the LOCI to them. I got the waitlist letter on a Friday, sent my LOCI the following Friday, and got accepted the following Monday (so like less than one business day after sending my LOCI). All that happened before June 1st. All that to say that in my case, sending the LOCI seemed to realllly help. And in my acceptance letter they said they were "particularly impressed by [my] thoughtful and compelling personal statement...". So even if you think your PS was good/thorough, I think it'd still be worth it. In terms of what it should contain, I basically just talked about what's changed in my situation, reiterated my interest in McGill's unique program, etc. I basically just went by what I found on the first and second Google results and it worked haha. McGill is competitive and I would think that the majority of the waitlist wants to get in. If they're all sending a LOCI and you're not, I assume that would be a negative for you. Good luck!
  14. When trying to join the Facebook group, my emails coming up as invalid even though I'm 100% sure it isn't. Anyone else having this issue?
  15. Idk how to edit a post but just realized I said Money instead of Monday lol
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