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  1. Progress12345

    Late to the Enrolment Process and Lack of Emails

    Still waiting for a nice shiny welcome package and I was admitted in Feb, lol!
  2. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    I just like the idea of having the option there. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I'm hoping to only rely on it during 1L if I'm unable to work steady hours - which I've been told to watch out for. I'm a full-time parent, currently work two jobs and I'm just doing my best to brace myself for the lack of steady income. Again, thank you!
  3. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    UPDATE: @Neurolaw, I sent an e-mail to Greg yesterday. He will be sending an amended agreement today with the changes! Seems like it's an across the board thing with Scotia. Pretty sweet!
  4. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    Thanks. I just sent an e-mail - can't hurt to try. @Neurolaw, I'll let you know what Greg says.
  5. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    It may be possible that I don't qualify, since my program (JD/MA) is already 4 years instead of 3.
  6. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    Not yet! SO busy.
  7. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    My contract is 1 year after articling, with Scotia. I should see if I can amend it!
  8. Progress12345

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    I’m heading to work now.. but if you haven’t gotten any answers by tomorrow feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll provide this info.
  9. Progress12345

    Question re. OSAP and program name

    Copied and pasted from my current OSAP application: UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA/UNIVERSITE D'OTTAWA Juris DoctorSep 04/18 - Apr 26/19 If I remember correctly, it’s considered an undergraduate program. Program and tuition costs have already been verified by the university. Good luck!
  10. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    He’s great!
  11. Progress12345

    Line of Credit

    The rep information on this link is incorrect for Ottawa. I got my LOC through Scotiabank in Ottawa with Greg Moore. He is great. His email address is [email protected] (the “a” is not a typo) Good luck!
  12. Progress12345

    LOC for Ottawa max is 90K!

    I was approved with my offer of admission letter, my bloc schedule (just off the enrolment website) and proof of my tuition deposit.
  13. Progress12345

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    For Scotia: I used my offer of acceptance letter, bloc schedule (just off the general page) and my tuition deposit (as it shows on the Student Center).
  14. Progress12345

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    I got my LOC approved last week, with proof of my tuition deposit and bloc schedule!
  15. Progress12345

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    Is it for a LOC?