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  1. andy23

    Waitlist 2018

    I was accepted off of the "short list" today. I still hadn't declined my offer since I was only placed on the list on Friday. But I will be declining ASAP so hopefully someone still waiting hears soon.
  2. andy23

    Waitlist 2018

    I got the email on June 8th, and I am from Nova Scotia.
  3. andy23

    Waitlist 2018

    I received an email stating that I have been shortlisted on the waitlist. I will be declining in favour of Dal. Hope this opens up a spot for someone else.
  4. I did my interview a couple of weeks ago and prepared by looking for some example questions in another thread. They were all pretty much exactly what I had prepared for, which helped me immensely. The questions were mostly as follows: Why do you want to go to law/why Dal Law specifically What books are you reading/have recently read If you could invite someone to speak, who would it be What can you offer the incoming class What is going on in the news/world that specifically interests you Pretty much the committee just wants to get a good idea of who you are as a person and if you stand out from their pool of interviewees. It was very relaxed and the panel is very warm and receptive.
  5. Thank you, I am from the Maritimes. My LSAT was 155 and I'm not really sure what my GPA was calculated to be. I would say about 3.6. I didn't do well in my undergraduate degree, but I did an extra year, a MSc and a diploma in health admin. I'm currently working a FT job in biomedical research.
  6. I did my interview yesterday (Wednesday afternoon) and received my acceptance a few minutes ago. So it seems as if they make their decisions quite quickly. Good luck to anyone still waiting.
  7. From my understanding, they conduct interviews to fill the last few spots in the entering class, and then make up their waitlist from the remaining interviewees.
  8. I received my interview invite on Monday for this coming Wednesday at Dal.