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  1. Our CSO has said that today is fine. I'll be emailing this afternoon I think.
  2. Just in case it helps anyone, I got a couple confirmation emails today from MAG Crim and a defence firm. Looks like they're slowly going out.
  3. I seriously doubt that. I don't think they would risk it with COVID cases spiking and Toronto being a hot spot.
  4. Still nothing yet! I’m sure it’ll come soon 💛
  5. I haven’t gotten anything yet. I feel like they’ll probably send them next week 💛
  6. I have a friend who heard from Green and Speigel earlier today. Not sure about Goldblatt. Good luck ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Anyone hear anything from OIPRD, OHRC or other Crown offices other than downtown/Etobicoke?
  8. Have people heard from Greenspan Partners? It seemed like someone did above, but just clarifying. Thanks all!
  9. Congratulations!!! Can I ask when you got that one? Was really hoping to hear from them.
  10. Congrats!!! Just wondering if these are usually sent out in a group or individually?
  11. Got an email this morning from the Hamilton Crown. They are scheduling Zoom interviews for Aug 6, Aug 7 and Aug 10.
  12. Agreed with angel113. Know your sentencing principles well and be ready to defend your submissions against questions by the Crown, who will act as a judge in the exercise.
  13. Windsor Crown is making some calls today! Interviews are being held over Zoom.
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