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  1. Does anyone know if there is a group on facebook for the students attending the NLC program this summer?
  2. Hi there! I've applied for the PLSNP/NLC summer program for this upcoming summer and had similar questions to you and called the office and got their answers directly. I don't know of anyone being denied however, I know that priority is given to those who have a conditional acceptance over those who have unconditional acceptance. I also saw on the website that priority is given to those that apply before March 1st. For the LSAT score, I sent a screenshot of my LSAC account with the test dates and scores (and they said that was perfectly fine) but I know that you can send a copy of you LSAC email if you have it available. For reference letters, I sent 3 just to be safe- I sent two academic and one community. For transcripts, they told me that you can use your unofficial ones for now (they allowed me to send a copy via email) and then send the official ones directly once you've completed your coursework. Hope this helps! Best of luck and maybe see you in the summer!
  3. I am in the exact same position!! Very stressful
  4. I am an Indigenous applicant! Message me with any questions you have
  5. I am also unsure of this. It says that there should be a link sent to your email that allows you to attach the personal statement with the application form. I am assuming however, not certain that you would need to have the personal statement uploaded before submitting the application. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Congrats on the admission! Just curious what your stats were like? I am applying for the Fall 2019 cycle under the Aboriginal applicants category with U of S being my top choice.
  7. I take that back! I just checked again and it's open however, it asks to verify your email and I've been waiting on the verification email for around 20 minutes now.
  8. Hi, I have been having the same issue. I believe it's due to the application not being open yet! I read on the website that the application opens sometime in September.
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