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  1. now that youre roughly 10 days out: 1) assuming your september test is in the morning, start getting in the habit of waking up at the same time every day and eating the same thing for breakfast as you would on test day. you should still have some fresh PT's left so maybe once every 3 days or once every other day stimulate test taking conditions (writing at 9am or whatever time it is, taking breaks etc). key is not to burn out so space out your PTs. EG write a PT on monday, blind review on tuesday, take wednesday off/light drilling, PT on thursday, etc etc. 2) only way to calm your nerves is follow point number one above - stimulate as many test taking condition days as possible between now and the 10th, so when the 10th rolls around it is just another day. 3) full time PTs should absolutely be helping you at this stage. at this stage, you should have a handful of the newest PTs and i cannot stress how important it is to continue to do full time PTs - dont stop!!! 4) theres a strong trend that come test day, you should account for a couple points (anywhere from 1-5ish) drop from the score you're used to seeing so keep that in mind. mid-high 150s likely wont get you in anywhere in canada unless you have a stellar GPA 5) i kept a log of all the questions i got wrong on PTs and constantly reviewed this log to prevent myself from making the same mistake twice when the stim/stem is disguised a bit differently. you should be reviewing your PTs throughly to not only see a pattern of what tends to trip you up, but also gain confidence that youre well aware of why you crossed out choices A, B, C and D but went with E for example. 6) at the end of the day, if youre not feeling ready theres no shame in pushing back your test day a bit 7) either way im sure youll do fine. good luck. feel free to send me a PM if you have any specific questions.
  2. every second counts. anything short of this watch and you'd be selling yourself short. https://www.patek.com/en/collection/complications/4968-400R-001
  3. you're getting the wrong impression, its not that im taking it personally, its the simple fact that a person who is genuinely looking for opinions about potentially attending uofa should not be fed nonsensical views where the OP doesnt know any better. and im just calling you out on it. have you read what you wrote? youve "experienced" 3 hours of sunlight in a city located in central alberta? its scientifically impossible for a city like edmonton to receive 3 hours of sunlight during the day, even if its during winter time. restaurants closing at 7pm? as MP pointed out, there's a 0.0001% chance that on a weekend, a restaurant closes at 7pm for dinner, unless you were looking for a lunch place at dinner time... theres a difference between speaking from experience, and exaggerating your experiences in a city in such a negative light, that it makes no logical sense and claiming it as "alternative perspectives". OP, if you have any specific questions about edmonton or uofa in general, PM me and id be glad to help.
  4. Lmao. To the OP and others reading this thread disregard everything this guy just said. Clearly someone is salty about edmonton. OP let me clarify some points for you and others who may be turned off about going to edmonton for law school from this posters unsubstantiated remarks. Source: I've lived in edmonton all my life (high school, undergrad, and law school). 1) nothing closes "super early" unless its a holiday like Christmas - in which every city would suffer the same problem. There is no restaurant in edmonton that closes past 7 - from a business profit making perspective, that doesn't even make any sense. a simple google search of "restaurants to eat for dinner in edmonton" literally gives you hundreds of results, none of which closes at 7pm. 2) ive been enduring the edmonton winters for years, and not once has my windshield cracked from the cold, and neither has any of my friends. exaggeration at its finest 3) 3 hours of sun in the winter? bro this is edmonton...3 hours north of calgary...this isnt Antarctica. The hours of sunlight we get is comparable to any other city in western canada, including vancouver. 4) "not much to do except shop at west ed mall" .....i'm not even going to bother with that one. In any event, nothing in your post is correct except for the fact that we have brutal winters. next time you try to bash edmonton with your ignorant views, at least say something that is substantiated by common sense and/or experience. OP just for reference, if your end goal is toronto/nyc go to UBC. no one from my year that i know of ended up in nyc, and i only know 1 person who ended up in toronto.
  5. you might be hurting yourself by actually shaving off 4 minutes each section. why not just set the timer to 35 mins and have that account for everything? you really shouldnt be limiting your time like that imo. id recommend you to take a step back and instead of grinding through timed PTs, do a bunch of them untimed. in order to get past your plateau, you really need to know why youre making the mistakes youre making instead of burning through PTs. try to get near perfect on each section untimed, and if you cant then really figure out what tripped you up on those specific questions that you got wrong. by consistently scoring 160+, your fundamentals are obviously there, you just need to fine tune your approach by doing both untimed sections and untimed PTs. with regards to your nerves, leading up to the exam, try to emulate test taking conditions as much as you can. two weeks before or a week before the exam, get in the rhythm of waking up at the exact same time as you normally would on test day, eating the same breakfast as your normally would etc. and if possible, try writing a few PTs at your testing location. all this should get your body into the routine of things, and when test day comes, your body will think of it as just another day, instead of a stressful, anxiety inducing day.
  6. does your school only accept prof recs? i know some schools are flexible and will encourage employer recs as well if you have any. also, if you havent been out of school for that long, reach out to other profs as well even if you barely know them. from my experience, profs are usually very accomodating about writing letters of rec if you give them a short blurb about your background/class you took with them and that you're applying to law school. so definitely reach out to your undergrad profs, worse they can say is no. im not aware of any rule that you can't reapply to a school without changing your marks, i dont see the rationale behind that. either way, your focus should 100% be on increasing your lsat score. a high lsat score can mask both your gpa and average letters of rec. whereas even if you get a high gpa through a masters (which is not guaranteed), your mediocre lsat score wont make you competitive. ETA: also depends on which school you're applying for. some schools like u of a are a strictly numbers based school. so they dont look at letters of rec. if you're still really keen to go down the route of increasing your GPA, then consider applying to u of a. people who have high GPAs - 3.8+ can sacrifice a couple points off the lsat. for example, i know a few students who had a 4.0 gpa and 153 lsat and still got in. so keep that in mind when youre applying to different schools
  7. youre not really prepping correctly if you had a 7 point increase after three writes. i would search on here or on TLS forums as they have pretty good guides on how to study for the LSAT and how to break plateaus. EC's and exemplary references mean nothing with a low GPA/lsat. unfortunately, you would need a pretty high lsat to compensate for you low gpa (165+). id definitely take the time to really learn the lsat before writing a 4th time.
  8. if youre end goal is to get into law school, work to bump up your LSAT instead. it will not only cost you less, but it will require less time compared to your other options. i wouldnt get a paralegal certificate for the sake of throwing it on a personal statement or go through the $$$ and effort of obtaining a masters only to get references. spend the next few months working on increasing your LSAT to 160+ and that will open more doors for you in terms of getting into law school, than getting a masters that might increase your GPA with a mediocre lsat score. my 2 cents.
  9. all schools have a good SLS program, uvic's SLS program will not be substantially different from u of a's and any differences will be marginal. my vote would be for u of a - not sure how serious your relationship is with your gf, but going to uvic will not give you an edge to become a human rights lawyer over u of a. from your post, it seems like you like having a support system around so in my opinion, the illusion you have in your head about uvic > u of a in terms of human rights isnt worth risking your relationship and sanity. both schools will provide you the same amount of education to be successful
  10. You can hire me, I won't say mean comments to you or tell you to wake up early. Problem solved.
  11. Examsoft crashed on a ton of mac users at UofA as well. Mac has these updates that are incompatible with examsoft, but the kinks are being worked out.
  12. I think most firms have sent out all second interviews already.
  13. So, did DLA just not interview anyone? Bizzare that no one here has posted anything about them. Not too sure about the Crown, maybe someone else can speak to this.
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