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  1. Some schools in Ontario (UofT, Osgoode, Queens, Windsor) and schools outside of Ontario (TRU etc.) do not require a bachelors from a university to apply.
  2. Do you have to call OSAP and request interest-free status on your previous loan, or is applying for OSAP to pay for law school enough for them to put the interest on hold? Also, does this new loan mean I don't have to make the monthly payments on my undergrad loan until I'm done law school?
  3. When I hadn't heard from the Dual I decided to give them a call around 9am. She said I'd hear back soon. The same day, I got my rejection. So yeah, I did feel like I was just waiting for it. This was sometime in April can't remember.
  4. I wrote at the Montecassino in North York. Despite it not being a hot summer day, the AC was BLASTED so bring a sweater. Everyone wrote in one massive ballroom with 2 people to a large table. The chairs were uncomfortable ballroom chairs but I'd expect that anywhere, even places like Humber College. The table had a god damn table cloth on it so writing in a newspaper type booklet on fabric with a pencil was not fun. The sign-in place was tight and if you got there early enough you were stuck listening to how people prepared for the test. There was no where to sit while waiting so a lot of people just sat on the floor in a line. However, the staff knew what they were doing. They were not unnecessarily loud when the clock was running. The main speaker was confident and loud. They kept you confined to a small area of the hotel during break. The bathrooms have about 4 stalls in them so a line during break was inevitable. There isn't much food places around if that's a factor. Parking is super easy and theres a huge lot right outside the main door. Getting there by subway is easy enough. You get off at Downsview Park station and its a short walk over (maybe 4 mins?) you walk straight down the road so no issues there. It would make sense for it to be a 40 minute ride for you if you live downtown because Downsview Park station is super "north" and almost one of the last stations on the line. The general vicinity is peaceful and you won't hear any traffic noises. They were doing construction around the hotel last year but it was paused for the day of the test I believe. If anything, just stay at the hotel the night before. It's cheap, you'll be at ease just having to wake up and come downstairs, and its massive so you're bound to find space to stay. I didn't stay there the night before the test but I have stayed there before, it was a great hotel stay imo. I personally wouldn't write downtown because the city gives me anxiety and there's always something going on it feels like. Hotel guests would also be a factor for me. Surely they'll be significantly more people staying at the downtown hotel vs. Montecassino. There's pros and cons for both.
  5. my diagnostic score was a 135 and final score was 150!
  6. oh and a go bus directly from that uni until 407 station is great. the transfer would take you like, 5 mins and you’re at osgoode. i personally would go with that. you’re in a much better place than some people on here, i seen people talking about commuting from ottawa to toronto lmao
  7. i used to work at wonderland and my “up there” manager commuted from oshawa to wonderland daily!! never seemed to be an issue for her and osgoode is close enough to wonderland lol
  8. i totally suggest it:)
  9. i got accepted off the waitlist today!
  10. Hi everyone, Is there anyone on the waitlist for Res who is no longer looking to stay there? Please withdraw your application if this is the case!!! I've been on the waitlist for a while now and its really giving me anxiety!
  11. Ah okay. & yes you should for sure. Provided you're not concerned about moving away and such.
  12. 169 LSAT is pretty strong, however the 2.9 will set you back. If your Masters GPA is excellent, apply to schools that consider those. You will have to call each school/review their admissions policies individually to see who accepts Masters grades, who looks primarily at cGPA (avoid those schools obviously) and which schools take a holistic approach. How long have you been out of undergrad? Try looking into mature student status if you have significant work exp. (don't know because you didn't mention anything of the sort) The strong upward trends in your LSAT and arguably your GPA will serve you well at schools w/ holistic approaches. You should consider applying to TRU. I feel like you have a pretty good chance there! They only consider your last 90 credits. What is your TRU GPA?
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