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  1. oh wow i didnt know that. i think lsac would make great money off of students buying pdfs but meh i guess they got their reasons
  2. hey guys, really quickly need access to prep test 86. not looking for a hard copy. anyone have a purchase link to a pdf?
  3. quality over quantity with the homework. the homework is separated in sections (1), (2), sometimes (3). all the concepts will be covered in each, they'll just progressively get harder. If i didn't have enough time one week, I'd just do (3) and be satisfied with knowing I can do the hardest it can get.
  4. emtee

    Referred to Admissions Committee

    interesting, mine says "referred for review" on the status of both the single and dual. Anyone else?
  5. Quite literally, yeah. & I honestly wanted to chime in because I feel like OP made HR/Yoni/both seem unsatisfactory as they are trying to change their method of study. HR is a great prep course. You just have to be prepared to go to class (at least frequently), do the homework, and attend at least a few of the diagnostics. I personally have gone up from a 131 to a 150 on test day. Of course, I've got lots of improving to do myself, but I could have NEVER gotten to a 150 even, without HR. *131 was my 2nd diagnostic, I wrote my first one at home and stupidly didn't time it so I didn't bother adding it up to a score. So if anyone reading this is contemplating HR, go for it! They just put up the schedules for the new courses and there's a new 4-month one. Classes twice a week up until the June test. Perfect for full-time workers!
  6. I agree, but I think shklawjunkie was referring to physically receiving the 4 books.
  7. also for me, only my transcript is missing and the date we're talking about says 20/09/2019
  8. That's a good question, I think people are using the two interchangeably and I'm overthinking it all LOL
  9. Is there any difference between "referred for review" (this is what it says for me) and "referred to admissions"? 😕
  10. emtee

    "To Do List" Disappeared?

    same here. sept 2019
  11. did you apply as a general applicant?
  12. ive pretty much assumed OLSAS will be last
  13. emtee

    New LSAT Score Update

    Go on LSAC.com, sign in, check the law school reports tab & see which, if any, schools pulled your report. You can also see if OLSAS pulled it.
  14. If I were in your position, I'd honestly just put the money down.
  15. emtee

    How Many More Options?

    why so nasty? people ask for help on here literally every day. granted, OP could've done this on his/her own, but that takes away from the whole point of a forum. there are people who could use the information and might not know it exists until they see it. no need to be so rude!