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  1. anyone know a place in the gta that does custom suits for women?
  2. wtf! thats terrible! i relied on those so much
  3. just read this: You may get more aid than the amounts listed above. You’ll know how much you may get when your full-time application is processed. Federal grant funding You may get more aid through the following Canada Student Grants: Full-Time Students (maximum $9,000 per academic year, subject to a weekly maximum) Skills Boost Top-Up to the Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students (maximum $2,400 per academic year, subject to a weekly maximum) Students with Permanent Disabilities (maximum $4,000 per academic year) Full-Time Students with Dependants (maximum $400 per child per month)
  4. It was easy! you just put ur start date as sept end date as dec and for the 2nd app put start date as jan and end date as april
  5. guys check with your schools because i got an email from mine saying i have to submit 2 different apps. one for fall and one for winter. and that if i didn't do that, the full year app would be rejected all together. i've been using osap funding for 5+ years now and this is the first time ive had to do this
  6. LMAO oui bonjour !!!!
  7. should i still apply and see what happens o-o
  8. aw crap you have to be bilingual.
  9. and the deadline to apply is tomorrow!!!! thank you so much for finding this!
  10. Hey everyone. With this whole COVID thing I assume tribunals are slammed and could use admin support staff. I went on the careers section of LAT's website but I didn't see any application portals. Has anyone got any experience with applying to LAT (specifically AABS) for a job in the support staff section?
  11. Is family a consideration? Maybe that can help make your decision. Home sickness can be a brutal thing.
  12. Hi @BGML, @E2020, @Mkeats, and @MB350. I spoke to an incoming 1L friend of mine, and he confirmed that he nor any of the incoming TRU 1Ls he knows received the email that 2Ls and 3Ls did. So I assume they might be putting together a special piece for you guys. For now, here's the email sent by the interim dean that confirms Fall online delivery. Dear Students, I would like to update you on Fall delivery in the Faculty of Law. As has been recently announced by both the Provost and the President, Fall courses at TRU will be primarily delivered in an alternative/remote format. I can now confirm that all Fall courses in the Faculty of Law will be taught in an alternative/remote format. You can decide on the best location for your studies given your specific circumstances, including the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. In terms of Winter courses, it is also looking unlikely that face to face courses will resume in the Faculty of Law, but I will keep you updated as soon as a firm decision has been made. I will be emailing you again tomorrow afternoon to set up a town hall to discuss these developments and planning for the Fall. I wish you all the best for the upcoming Spring and Summer.
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