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  1. I think these are amazing EC's. Now that might not mean anything from a mere applicant, but these don't sound "average" to me. To be average would mean a majority of law school applicants are doing all of what you've done. I get the feeling that isn't the case. Certainly not the case for me! I don't have groundbreaking EC's and below average stats and I got an offer from TRU If my LSAT was higher, I imagine I would've got accepted to at least a couple more schools that I applied to. I would suggest seeing if you can get your LSAT at 160 or over. That might just put you in a comfortable position. Apply to Ottawa, TRU, Western, Lakehead, Windsor, Osgoode. (among others!)
  2. thank you soooo much šŸ™šŸ½
  3. Hi all, I was wondering what the process to apply for residence at TRU is. Moreover, does anyone suggest any one Res building over another? Or to avoid Res all together? My priorities are to be in a safe environment and to be as close to my classes as possible. Thanks!
  4. This is an unfortunate situation and I want to assume you're stressed about the minor drop because it changes your cGPA from a 4.0 to like, a point lower. But this is seriously not worth stressing over as a tiny drop in cGPA can be minor if you've got other good things going for you on your app. Next time, don't snitch on yourself.
  5. I've been rejected from multiple schools, and none of them have (thankfully) sent a rejection letter to my house. That'd just be weird and highly unnecessary.
  6. months, i stopped checking uwinsite everyday but i do know i was referred to ad com for months. yes, i was accepted to TRU on March 15
  7. call them, i called this morning around 9 and was told iā€™d receive my admissions decision shortly, and shortly it was lol
  8. April 15, 2:13 pm 150/3.7
  9. Accepted on March 15 at 1:57pm. It was through an e-mail sent from Leanne Walker Feeling very lucky and delighted. I will certainly be accepting as I have been rejected from everywhere else I applied (U of T, Osgoode, Queens, UVic, Windsor single and Windsor Dual). I would've loved to stay close to home, family and friends but I'm seeing this as a sign instead stats: July 2018 (150), January 2019 (150), 3.7cGPA, last 60 was closer to a 3.8. If you would like the nitty gritty details, feel free to pm me.
  10. March 19, 6:44pm 150/3.7
  11. April 12, 11:20am 150/3.7
  12. March 6, 10:40am 150/3.7
  13. no idea when, status changed on the portal 150/3.7
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