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  1. https://business.humber.ca/programs/paralegal.html This program's credential is a graduate certificate. So, you need to meet the bachelor's degree requirements to take it. There are 6-7 courses each semester in this program. So I would think it would be spread out over 4-5 weekdays. I don't see any information on the employment prospects of paralegals who do this program on Humber's site itself. But I do know that a lot of students I graduated with from the Paralegal degree program started off as legal assistants. A year later, some of them are still in that role. It might be more worthwhile to do a Law Clerk diploma.
  2. University of Alberta Faculty of Law- I have no info on Alberta as they did not respond. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia- YES Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, Lakehead University- NO University of Calgary Faculty of Law- PARTIALLY Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law- PARTIALLY University of Manitoba Faculty of Law- NO McGill University Faculty of Law- NO University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law- NO Osgoode Hall Law School, York University- YES University of Ottawa Faculty of Law- NO Queen’s University Faculty of Law- YES Ryerson University Faculty of Law- obviously N/A for me. If someone calls/emails to find out, do tell the rest of us. University of Saskatchewan College of Law- NO Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law- YES (not going here, but fwiw i was accepted here with a 80%/150) University of Toronto Faculty of Law- YES University of Victoria Faculty of Law- YES Western University, Canada- NO University of Windsor Faculty of Law- YES (including the dual) YES= your application will be looked at by the school. provided you have a good enough GPA and LSAT, the Humber degree will not hold you back. NO= don't bother applying to these schools if your only undergrad comes from an applied degree program. you will not be considered. PARTIALLY= the school will use your courses to calculate your GPA at their discretion. If you have ample money to spend, then apply to these shot in the dark schools. I did not. Hope this helps. Once again you can PM me w/ questions or just ask here.
  3. for TRU i know that people dress to law classes how they dressed in undergrad - casually.
  4. i did say i would be providing the list i complied 😂 read please. & it’s how is it ontario centric if i fully say i got into tru? lol give it a rest sir
  5. Okay. You may know this, the people who liked your comment may know this, I now know this. But you're being a complete jerk to naive 0Ls and people who don't even consider law school an option due to their current undergrad. That was me. There was multiple posts on this forum where more "seasoned' LS.ca members would right out say that there is no way BAA college is an acceptable pre-req for law school. I am more than aware law schools don't require a completed undergrad degree and those that are qualified without one can gain admission into law school. So no need for that pathetic comment. People like you are the reason I was so insecure starting my application process. This is a forum after all. If there is a chunk of kids who don't have this information at their fingertips, then it deserves to be posted here. I did not see a single school put it in their admission criteria. If it is there now, great. But I looked high and low and had to opt to email schools in a desperate attempt to keep my law school ambitions alive. *YOU* knowing something doesn't mean A THING. you're probably done law school... this post is irrelevant to you, so move on & let this forum be used for what it is, an information source for predominately 0Ls.
  6. To clarify, I'm not saying if you're in grade 12 or looking to start an undergraduate career atm to go and apply to Humber and then go on to apply to law school. PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. Go to university! If you can. It'll make your life easier during application cycles. This is more so for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year Humber (or other college degree) students who might want to apply to law school without doing another undergrad!
  7. I applied to undergrad in 2013 and was not smart enough to call and do my research then. However, things must have changed since then, drastically! They obviously did, because I was able to apply to UofT, Osgoode, Queens and Windsor. It's just my shitty LSAT that held me back and got me rejected. That's got nothing to do with them not accepting the degree. So yeah, you might've been right then, but now your information is wrong and outdated, completely. Of course I'll post the list. Not trying to keep anything a secret. At all. I'm yelling it from the rooftops actually, in hopes that the more old-school forum members can hear me clearly. This is very important for students that are in the shoes that I was in last year.
  8. Hello everyone, Many members of this forum do not seem to be educated on an important matter re: undergrad degrees + law school applications. and that's okay! I get that we all get stuck in a certain train of thought and find it difficult to derail something that you think "should for sure be the case". There are a NUMBER of schools in Canada that will accept you (****if you meet all other requirements****) with a sole college BAA degree. I'm not talking about degrees in conjunction with universities, or if you have a previous university undergrad and additionally a college undergrad. I'm talking a straight, 4 year degree, from a college. I have a list of schools who will accept a college BAA and a list of schools who will not. PM me if you need this. (you'll get it after 5pm as it is handwritten and in my bedroom lol) I got into TRU law and was able to apply to a few other schools with the following: - regular applicant (i.e. not access, aboriginal, or mature) - ontario resident - humber college BAA degree 4 years with a 86% GPA (best 2) 80% cGPA (not convertible by OLSAS, each school will decide what gpa they want to assign to you) - 150 lsat (okay, i got lucky - probably because of ECs and LORs- please put yourself in a better position than a 150 lsat lol) - great references from public sector lawyers and extra curriculars - a pretty good personal statement if you ask me Thanks for reading
  9. Some schools in Ontario (UofT, Osgoode, Queens, Windsor) and schools outside of Ontario (TRU etc.) do not require a bachelors from a university to apply- and a BAA is sufficient. There are schools like Lakehead, UNB, Western (and more) that will straight out say no, we only accept Uni BA's. I actually emailed every single school in Canada and complied a list of who accepts degrees from Humber College (or any BAA for that matter). PM me if you want it. I'll also post it here publicly if that's of any interest. Of course i didn't go into undergrad knowing this would be a hurdle (I was not the most proactive in high school and didn't have any support when applying for undergrad) so YES, I really did regret not doing a uni BA and YES it was an uphill battle with a lot of schools. But I'm admitted to a Canadian law school. If I can do it, you can too. It is possible to attend (some) Law schools in Canada with a sole undergrad degree from college. Note that I am not including DIPLOMAS in this statement.
  10. Hey! That's exactly what I did. PM me. I will love to help. When I was applying and asked my question in this forum, the only thing everyone focused on and bombarded me with was where my degree is from. I only got into TRU after applying to a few other schools, but I'm going to law school nonetheless. With my BAA from Humber College and a 150 lsat lol.
  11. Some schools in Ontario (UofT, Osgoode, Queens, Windsor) and schools outside of Ontario (TRU etc.) do not require a bachelors from a university to apply.
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