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  1. If we have follow up questions that we couldn't ask over the phone, are we allowed me email recruiters? Or is this in conflict with the blackout period?
  2. If they hosted OCIs and you didn't get an OCI, then 0%. If they didn't host OCIs and you didn't get an ITC or PFO, then you have a decent shot. A lot to the firms that skip OCIs don't do ITCs and PFOs.
  3. Not me cause I didn't interview with either firm, but I do know someone from uOttawa who got an ITC from Gowlings
  4. Haven't heard from Goodmans except for a reply to my thank you letter.
  5. How many more do we think will be sent out before 5? I've gotten some ITCs and PFOs but not sure how much more i should be checking my email.
  6. Has anyone from uOttawa heard anything?
  7. If you have lots of questions about OCIs, I recommend starting a new thread for your questions. This thread is for tracking ITC and PFOs, and I think people don't want it to get too crowded with other stuff. But if you have questions on OCIs you can PM me or post it somewhere else.
  8. I'm in Group B for the Toronto recruit. I researched all the firms listed on ViRecruit, firms given by our Career centre, and firms I found on my own. I came up with a list of 40 firms I want to apply to and have written cover letters for them. However, I am now scared that I was too "picky" and may have been to harsh when choosing not to apply to certain firms. I am also scared that given my grades, I should be applying to more firms to increase my odds. Should I be applying to more firms? Or is 40 ok? [For context my grade in 1L were A, A-, B+, B+, B+, B+, and B. For 2L I have two passes (one is for an internship, the other for law review), B+, B+, and B.]
  9. Ok, I know I may be overthinking this, but would appreciate some insight. For the 2L recruits that use viRecruitPortal, each kind of document is uploaded separately (as in your cover letter is uploaded separately from your resume). However, I am looking at uploading my reference letters and my law school transcripts. For my reference letters, I got 3 different people to write them, and I am debating if I should upload each letter separately or if I should merge them all into 1 PDF Document. Same with law school transcripts, I have an official 1L transcript but will only be getting an unofficial Fall 2L Semester transcript a few days before the deadline. Should I upload these transcripts separately or merge them in to one document? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  10. Just got accepted! LSAT 160, CGPA 3.83
  11. Hi! Was wondering if anyone could help out, I'm currently trying to decide between queens and UOttawa. I'm from Toronto but currently go to school in Ottawa and have interned for a lawyer in Ottawa. Ideally would like to move back to Toronto or stay in Ottawa for articling. However, I am definitely interested in business law (that Queens is probs better at) and am scared that the better rep for Queens could hurt me in the future if I end up at UOttawa. Some other factors that I'm trying to use to help make my decision: Both have similar class sizes (Queens has small group of 25 and large group of 50, Ottawa is small group of 20 and large group of 80) I also looked at Queen's having a 95% rate of students getting articles/clerkships, but I can't find the equivalent stat on the UOttawa website. The UOttawa January intensive is cool, but idk if it is good in practice? Both offer interesting courses and clinics. So I'm mostly asking what other factors should I look into when making my decision? And does anyone have nay insight? Thanks
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