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  1. I can guess from my previous classes how I'll be able to do. My issue is in the worst case scenario (which I should plan for, this is law school) I'll have to finish a degree in poli sci, then do another degree to finish computer science. I'm currently 19 and if I go that route, I'll finish university in 6 years at best, which is 25!! My 20's will be half over and I'll have a load of extra debt from my useless poli sci degree. I'm being realistic with myself, special circumstances is my only shot in. AFAIK LSAT scores and recommendations mean a lot for special applicants, but I need to know what will make me stand out amongst them, since like I mentioned it's pretty much my only shot. By the way, the GPAs I said I could get are based on a 4.0 GPA system, so a bit higher on the 4.3 system.
  2. Hello guys, I'm a first year CPSC major and I love the law. My absolute dream is to be a lawyer and yet I am forced to confront the possibility of being rejected from law school. This is why I'm a CPSC major because in case of law school not working out I can still get a job relatively easily that pays quite well. My issue is that I would much rather be a lawyer than a software developer, and I am very interested in politics. I know I would get quite good grades (3.3-3.6 GPA) in political science, but I would only be able to get something like a 2.9-3.2 GPA at best in CPSC. Is there any way to get into law school with a lower GPA but in a field that is harder and more technical? I withdrew from my first year of university entirely due to abuse from my home life, and I had to see a psychologist who helped me out a lot. This was due to my mother being very nasty towards me, and I don't blame her too much. Me and her went through a lot when my dad abandoned us 2 years prior. I fell into an addiction, depression and I hated myself every day. Today me and my mother's relationship is a lot better, and I am still at university. I am looking to apply into law school as a special applicant but I do not know if these circumstances (among a few others not written here) are sufficient grounds for being a special/discretionary applicant. I have been very active in politics like I mentioned before and in fact I met a lawyer who I'm volunteering for at the moment, who's going to be elected soon (we're campaigning but he has a really good shot). He was also the son of a single mother, and I'm sure he would write me a stellar recommendation. Having said all of this, what do you guys think my best route to take would be? I would love to be a lawyer more than anything, but seeing my mother struggle to support us I can't imagine going into political science and being rejected only to make a meager salary. Computer science would allow me to live above my current means, but also hinder me in terms of GPA for being admitted into law school. Thanks for your help.
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