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  1. Got an invitation to a cocktail reception today from a Van firm. Confirmed an OCI in the same email.
  2. Gee this kind of question has come up once again yet I haven’t seen consistent answers. I actually asked my school’s CDO about applying to multiple offices, and their response was that as long as you have good reasons why you wanna work in that particular city you are fine.
  3. Last year we got a hard copy schedule for ELGC on the first day of orientation. I also remember it being posted on MyOsgoode in around August.
  4. Of course not! Just PMed. Let me know if you have further questions
  5. A huge thanks to the OP and everyone who participated! Learned a lot reading through the threads. Regarding the takeaway point of focusing on the things you did and skills you developed, I actually have a question on this aspect. I also had a “bad” experience during one of my previous internships. It’s not really about the people I worked for, but the work itself was deadly boring. I mostly just entered data and organized files, and interns barely have access to anything due to their confidentiality protocols. I’ll definitely never overstate what I did in my CV, in other words, anyone can notice that this experience is deadly boring at first glance. However, because the corporation itself was a big name, and the job was somehow law-related, I guess there’s still a chance that this experience will be brought up during interviews. So what would be the best way to talk about such an experience?
  6. Hey I’ve only been in Canada for one year and don’t speak English as my first language. I finished my 1L with a B+ average. And I know a few people with similar backgrounds got even better grades in law school and secured jobs with renowned firms.
  7. Can’t speak about the content of LTS because I chose to do a perspective. There’s a wide range of selections for the perspective, so I would say if you don’t find legal theory particularly intriguing to you, do the perspective. They are the same amount of credits, legal theory seminars take place every other week, so it’s the same number of class hours
  8. Just curious, when talking to summer students, what are the questions that you ask them? Generally I ask them about the rotations/practice areas, what do they do, what are some interesting experiences, how's firm's the atmosphere, and any tips based on your own interviews with the firm. I'm not sure whether they are stupid questions and whether there are better and more specific questions that I can ask. (I'm always having doubts in this aspect as I've always been a socially awkward person 🤣)
  9. Yes I think that's the case. For my school, we are gonna do Vancouver OCIs first, then Toronto OCIs, a couple days after Toronto OCIs are Vancouver in firms, and we get notification about Toronto in firms around the same time or after the Vancouver offers (just took a glance at the schedule, may need to double check). I'm wondering are Vancouver firms going to expressly ask "have you applied to any Toronto firms". I guess the only option is to answer truthfully, but are they gonna automatically kick me out if I answered yes? When you were doing the Calgary recruit, did similar questions about whether you applied to Vancouver firms come up?
  10. Just got notification through email about the class award (was a bit surprised, didn’t expect to actually be the highest standing in that class lol). The email also mentioned sending thank you notes to the donor. Although it’s definitely a courteous thing to do, but the contact info was only mailing address and no email... I mean, mailing, in 2019? 🤣 Just wondering do donors all leave mailing addresses only? And previous recipients could share what did you do? Thanks
  11. Thank you so much for your detailed response! I'd like to ask a follow up re this point. Regarding "applied to one office for 'most' firms", are there any known exceptions, like "it's already known that firm X doesn't care whether you have applied to both offices"? So does this mean if a firm has found out that you've applied to both its Vancouver and Toronto office, it is likely to impact your chances in getting into its Vancouver office, but the Toronto office won't necessarily care? I'm also curious, for those large full service firms, how did you and your friends decide "I'm gonna apply to this firm's Vancouver office but not its Toronto office"? What was your strategy? Personally it's gonna be hard decision because, tbh, one of the point of applying to both locations is to increase the chance of getting a biglaw job as I'll be happy ending up with either place. Thanks again!
  12. Haha this is exactly my first reaction when hearing people talking about "connection". 🤣
  13. I’ve read quite a bit on this forum about “if you’re not from Vancouver/Calgary and have no connection to the city, it’s gonna be a red flag”. Although I do understand the concerns the employers may have, I would still like to ask about this more specifically. I go to law school in Toronto, considering applying for both Vancouver and Toronto OCIs. I’m from neither area, so I won’t say I have much “connection” to Toronto apart from going to law school there. One year ago I was really struggling to decide between Osgoode and UBC, ultimately decided on going to Toronto simply because there’s a “larger market”. But how big the market is would be meaningless to me if it doesn’t lead me to a biglaw position. The truth is, I don’t really care where I end up practising, I’ve lived in quite a few cities and so far haven’t seen one that I’m not willing to stay for the sake of a career. So what I’m trying to ask is: 1) I’ve seen this discussed briefly in another thread: if a firm has a Toronto and a Vancouver office, it’s bad idea to apply for both because the recruiter will know about it and question your commitment to the city, unless a firm has specifically expressed that they don’t care. Could anyone further confirm this? Are there any firms that are known to be not caring about it? Anyone participated in both recruit can speak about their own experiences? 2) Has anyone actually, or heard about such cases that, someone from an Ontario law school, without connection to Vancouver succeeded in getting a position in Vancouver? 3) Should I just refrain from applying for Vancouver firms? Would appreciate any insight Thank you!
  14. Also Oz student. I have similar concern about the one C+ I got, and I had the misfortune to get it in contracts (the prof basically gave very positive feedback about the exam and implying no one actually deserves a C, so my C+ is for a silly mistake combined with bad luck) I’ve got an A+ for property, A for LP and B+ for every other course, so pretty happy with what I’ve achieved except for contracts. So I would appreciate any insight on how much the C+ in contracts will hurt my chances.
  15. Thank you so much! It's very helpful. Yes I am an incoming Class of 2021 student. One extra question, do you happen to know what kind of proof do I need to present to BMO in order to open a student account? Is my visa enough or do I have to wait until I get my student ID card? Thanks again!
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