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  1. Hi, I'm an international student graduating next year. I did not use bank loans to fund my studies, but I'm more than happy to share my experience in job hunting. Please feel free to DM me
  2. Yeah hopefully. It's still reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. Other firms usually get back to me within a couple of hours. It may still be understandable considering the number of people they'll interview.
  3. Anyone received Gowlings in firm got a confirmation regarding the details (date, time, interviewers) yet? I received the email on Monday asking me if the date and time works for me. I replied yes. The email says further detail will follow but I have not received another email since. Now I'm wondering whether they actually got my reply and whether it's time for me to follow up.
  4. Received Gowlings in firm invitation this afternoon. Did OCI in Toronto last Friday.
  5. If after my first in firm interview with a firm, I got a dinner invitation from that firm, should I treat it as a good sign, or they nevertheless do it for almost every student? Or this varies from firm to firm?
  6. Did anyone hear from RBS? I'm aware that they don't comply with VBA guideline.
  7. Just out of curiosity, do questions like "what have you been up to this semester" come up during in firm interviews or dinners (if you don't really have anything exciting going on to bring up)?
  8. When an email is send out at this stage, it just confirms that you’ve got an interview with the firm (or saying that you’ve been rejected), there’ll be no actual “calling”. I don’t think every firm send out such emails, you’ll get the full list of all the OCIs you’ve been offered from your career office.
  9. Just wondering whether proposing a coffee or lunch is a thing for OCIs? I saw this advice before only regarding in firm.
  10. Suddenly came up with a question. Probably I'm overthinking it: What if during the following weeks there are more firms sending out dinner/reception invitations, and the time conflict with the ones that I already accepted? Will I automatically blow my in firm chances if I turn down the invitation?
  11. Got an invitation to a cocktail reception today from a Van firm. Confirmed an OCI in the same email.
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