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  1. Know who your client is. Know your law society ethical obligations inside out and learn how to protect yourself. There might be situations where your internal stakeholders want you to be the person to say YES despite the answer being NO and that they already know the answer is NO. There might also be situations where the stakeholders will not take NO for an answer and if so, you then have to quit; however, this might be hard to do if you need that income to pay off loans. Know that there are crooked people (other lawyers included) out there who will not hesitate to throw you under the bus...
  2. I used Themis for California. Definitely recommend...
  3. If you practice immigration, definitely recommend.
  4. I’d think if you attend one of the following, you’d be able to get into a CA law school and therefore, less or no stigma: US T14 JD (plus some good regional schools such as UCLA or USC) Oxbridge law Yes, No LSE, KCL, Or UCL. Not even top schools from other countries. This is my bias for a Canadian who goes abroad to study lawafter undergrad completion. Why? As crazy as this may sound to you, I know not much about LSE. I also know not much about Leicester. The two schools are equally foreign to me. No, I’m not going to take the time to learn about UK school system. If anything, my exchange abroad studies tell me that some schools, even elite schools, have surprisingly relaxed admissions standard for international students. Of course, If I come across a colleague who went to LSE law and I’m impressed by his or her work, I may put LSE on my above list.
  5. definitely check out PR requirement esp rules on how to maintain one
  6. Ah I did not know that. I learned something today.
  7. I recall that LSUC allows International Articling. Not sure if this is still possible.
  8. SCC Justices? I assume they are paid well. 😃
  9. Probably NCA is enough. Also, probably LLM. But also, probably JD. My unorganized 2 cents: Get a US license if you can (it opens some doors) LLM is really a gap filler and has little value re employment BigLaw more likely to hire JD Some law firms will like your Korean background, but know that Korean-speaking JD students are not unicorns.
  10. Looking to buy Barbri Conviser Mini Review for California, preferably 2017/18 edition I am in Vancouver but will pay for shipping in Canada
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