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  1. I don't have a definitive or even partial answer to this response, however, I know at schools like U of S and U of M there is a strong preference for in province applicants so in that case offers would most likely go to those applicants. I believe these schools are like this because they are the only law schools in their respective provinces where as AB has two schools and at that two schools with completely different philosophies and selection criteria.
  2. Accepted today, L2: 3.87 LSAT: 154 I've already been accepted to my first choice in my hometown. Will be declining.
  3. In today L2: 3.87 lsat:154
  4. Ha, I decided to go over and read my post and I can see where you are coming from. But I just meant it can't be established.
  5. Maybe, but there are some applicants who got admitted who have weaker apps then some of the people yet to get an offer based on pure stats. Not including myself as i have a very similar index score to the people I'm referring to. I would guess you are right but there is evidence to argue for the otherside. That's why I said what I said. I think your reading to much into things.
  6. If your lsat were two points higher you'd probably be in by now. Two people have gotten in with 3.75+ and a 156 lsat at the end of feb
  7. The first round is over. It was confirmed by the administration. Whether or not they pick the most qualified applicants in the first round is not ascertainable.
  8. Yeah, I will have a full four years of courses after this term but I haven't fulfilled the requirements for the degree. I need to go back for a full term and then a half course load term to get the 400 level requirement. U of A isn't so big on whether you have completed a degree. Some schools are and others aren't.
  9. Thanks. No worries, I'd rather know my chances were slim then be oblivious and waste money. Yeah, I think that's the last time I will apply to of U of C. But I might work on my softs for a school like TRU and it's just good to finish your degree.
  10. Definitely, if you think you can get a higher lsat you should re-write. Best of luck. I actually got rejected at U of C today. I figure it's for two reasons: 1)I won't have a degree at the end of this term. On the site it says "98 percent of successful applicants have completed a degree". This is probably the single biggest reason. 2)I have no extra-curricular experience at all. If I don't get in anywhere this cycle I'll for one finish my degree which is an essential for certain schools, I will work on my softs, and I might rewrite the LSAT. I range from 153 to 158 on practice tests. If you haven't been rejected yet maybe you'll get in. Goodluck.
  11. This would account for the acceptances that occurred midmarch in the 2018 thread that I inquired about in an earlier post. A good judgment on your part.
  12. No, I'm currently in my last semester of my 4th year which doesn't count. I have a full course load for every single fall and winter semester that i've ever took in university. In addition to this I have a sumner course.
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