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  1. Accepted this morning! Stats: 3.87 GPA MA No LSAT Bilingual Good luck to everyone!
  2. Hi everyone! Are there any other folks who are reapplying for the 2019 cycle after having been rejected for 2018? I'm just wondering if McGill compares previously submitted applications by the same applicant with new ones? Specifically, if McGill will compare last cycle's PS with the new one? Thanks
  3. Hey guys! Has anyone sent in a LOCI and still waiting on a response?
  4. Hey All, I was waitlisted yesterday. Undergrad 3.87, Masters degree, no LSAT, good ECs and LRs, speak multiple languages. Has anyone sent a LOCI so far?
  5. Hey guys! Are there any other regular category applicants still "ready for review"?
  6. Hey CrimNation! I'm also a regular applicant, and still waiting as well. My status has been ready for review since forever!
  7. Very best of luck to you too, WaitingOnTheHorizon! SO STRESSFUL!! I've also only applied to one school so it's making it so much worse ahhh!
  8. Hi All, question: I have a BA (magna cum laude grad), a Masters degree, I'm trilingual, and have a lot of internship/volunteer experience. Did not write the LSAT though. I applied last October/November, and I'm still waiting on a response (it still says "ready for review on Minerva). Anyone else in this sort of situation, and should I be worried?
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