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  1. No such thing is stated in the Application Guide.
  2. This is an automated response to a topic that appears to be requesting legal advice. Please refer to the following post regarding such requests:
  3. If I were you, I'd rewrite. You know you have the ability to hit 164, and that would take your LSAT score from "meh" to "strong". At your GPA I think that could make a big difference in what options are available to you.
  4. I would love to do this, if I thought (1) I would be good at it and (2) I would have interesting things to say. When I was at Osgoode I understood it to be very common, but this 2016 article from the student newspaper casts some doubt on that.
  5. Well, yes. If you are getting feedback, you'll need to give people some time for that.
  6. You can do the OLSAS application in a weekend. You can do it this weekend! And then you'll have two months to be ready for the November test.
  7. This guide should answer your questions about the OUAC OLSAS process.
  8. I had similar difficulties with LG and walked out of the LSAT thinking "well, so much for law school". Wound up with a score in line with my PTs, and that was more than adequate to secure a bunch of acceptances.
  9. UofT charges an extra $21K/year for international students, and McGill charges an extra $37K (vs non-Quebec Canadian students).
  10. Presuming these lawyers work in family law, I think there's a way forward here. Step one is to approach the lawyer you'd most want to article for, and tell them that (1) you've been accepted to Bond, (2) you'd like to accept and you think this is the best way to get into the field, and (3) you would be attending on the presumption that their offer was serious, and that you can count on them for an articling position when you get back. See how they respond. If they're tentative - or discourage you from attending on that presumption - then go to the next of the three, and so on. If none of the three are willing to give you a confident commitment, knowing your situation, then hit the brakes. IF you really don't think you can get your LSAT appreciably higher, IF you have a fairly reliable articling position lined up, and IF that position is in the field that you ultimately want to practice, and IF you would be content going into that field as a sole practitioner and making your own way, and IF you've weighed the financial risk/reward -- then I think this is not inherently a mistake.
  11. That is not true. If your previous studies were outside of North America, you'll need to have a formal assessment of your transcript carried out by World Education Service. They 'translate' your transcript into the Canadian equivalent so it can be assessed against other applicants. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/jd-admissions-procedure https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/first-year-applicants/application-components/transcripts/
  12. I am not sure this hammer serves any useful purpose, and is nothing more than an instrument for driving nails into wood Being helpful can be rewarding! You should try it pfft, noobs If you don't want to waste any part of your life typing out lengthy responses to repetitive questions that might not turn out to be helpful to anyone, I have bad news about the legal profession God yes This is a hobby. What, you want me to go paint model cars? lol this is not what legal clinics do, do you think you show up to a legal clinic with your transcript to talk about how admissions will approach your exchange grades or you could "read" the information on a "web site" Not precious enough to dissuade you from setting up a second account to post this
  13. OK but what if you (1) go to UofT and then (2) write your resume using a font that makes "A" and "O" hard to distinguish But seriously, OP, the audience you need for this question is lawyers in Italy. This is really a question about the Italian legal job market and accreditation/licensing process, which is not really our expertise here.
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