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  1. There are no credible Canadian law school rankings. Unlike the United States, legal education in Canada is not significantly 'tiered'. One can attend any Canadian law school with confidence that it will (1) provide a good legal education, and (2) provide an opportunity to access whatever legal job in Canada you might want.
  2. You know that per the National Mobility Agreement you don't need to redo articling if you change provinces, right? (Maybe if Quebec is involved.) But if you're thinking of redoing articling for the same reason you were thinking of going to law school again - i.e. you can just bring your career back a couple of steps and fix your mistakes, like in Edge of Tomorrow or Star Trek: Generations - then I think you're still missing the point, which (as Diplock said) is to take the best next step from your present position. I think you're better off casting a wide net, taking an acceptable-for-now lawyer job somewhere in the country, and then taking incremental steps from there (which may or may not include changing employers) until you're doing the kind of work you want to be doing. And, of course, the kind of work you want to be doing might very well change along the way, which could be a pleasant surprise.
  3. (I've renamed the thread to correspond better with the questions being asked. I may have missed the mark, so please just use the first post to see what OP's really looking for.)
  4. What about the WES assessment? How did that go? Assuming (as you seem to have) that your GPA and LSAT will be below the normally-competitive level, I think it's hard to predict whether your professional experience will be enough to swing things back in your favour. It might! But given that unpredictability, maybe it's worth putting in a few more applications to improve your odds? Too late for Ontario now of course, but maybe a few elsewhere?
  5. Does the program meet the requirements in Section 7 of the NCA policies?
  6. Possibly this one: https://digital.ontarioreports.ca/ontarioreports/20200313/MobilePagedArticle.action?articleId=1568042#articleId1568042
  7. When calculating your GPA, did you convert each individual course and weight for credit value?
  8. [OP has asked for an assessment of their chances here.]
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