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  1. I just got waitlisted, but I am not an access applicant.
  2. I just received an email from Queens asking me if I want to be on their waitlist. Anybody else on their waitlist? Edit for stats: B2: 3.52 LSAT: 160 Good ECs and LOR.
  3. It has to be an Ivan Drago situation. "I will break you."
  4. Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification, I didn't apply access (to Queen's anyway), but I'd be pretty pissed if Queen's wasn't giving their access applicants a fair shake
  5. Then what is the point of having an access category lol?
  6. Judging by their post history, UOttawa.
  7. Rejected my offer, I hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  8. Accepted at 5:17 pm today. cGPA: 3.28 L2: 3.07 LSAT:160 Good ECs and LOR. Access applicant: I had an injury that impacted my grades in 3S. Over the moon, I am thrilled.
  9. The median cGPA is 3.69 and his cGPA is 3.63. Does that really qualify as significantly below the median?
  10. From what I can tell, being in queue just simply means they are reviewing your application or are going to be reviewing it. It provides no indication as to whether or not you will be accepted or waitlisted.
  11. Which schools do this, do you know?
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