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  1. I would say get a tutor a GOOD one. you might no be studying the right way.
  2. Has anyone heard back for transfers?
  3. dual students don't have torts first year either.
  4. why not apply to windsor dual? Its 3 years.
  5. Do Ny Firms hire from the eastcoast primarly? Do you have a chance if you work in westcoast Canada?
  6. sorry it might be "canadian law students/ grads" or something along those lines
  7. There are some that in their job postings say "UBC grads only" and some that say "no foreign grads"
  8. Hey yall, I logged into the blackboard with the test login we were provided in the e-mail. I see announcements, but I am having a hard time locating the actual orientation schedule and the assignments posted. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  9. Tv Show on Hbo : Night of trial of guy who wakes up next to dead girl doesnt know who killed her and hes put on trial for it sooooo good
  10. no i didnt find out my number until end of july which was like 20.
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