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  1. Has anybody else heard anything?
  2. I called and they said some applications are still pending and we can expect decisions by the end of the month.
  3. Yes, I logged onto the website and the update was there. Don't you have the login they sent it right when i finished my application.
  4. US JD Books Property principles and policies third edition Legal writing and Research: ALWD 6th edition An advocate persuades A lawyer rights third edition Canadian JD Books Learning Canadian Criminal Law 14th edition Canadian Constitutional Law 5th edition Property Law Case and Commentary 3rd edition Contracts: Cases and Commentaries 10th edition Pick up in Windsor or I will be in Toronto next week.
  5. It says that I Can receive an offer any time based on space and comparison to other files up until the first day of school 😐
  6. Just checked my status. Didn't receive e-mail it changed but it says that I am in the wait pool.
  7. Don't do it for more than a weekend, at-least first year- because you don't realize how far behind you will fall in your other classes writing memos and preparing for moot. You don't want to fall behind and be cramming for finals. Just wait under April when your finals are done and go.
  8. she's on vacation until 14
  9. They said they would start updating mid july
  10. I would say get a tutor a GOOD one. you might no be studying the right way.
  11. Has anyone heard back for transfers?
  12. dual students don't have torts first year either.
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