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  1. why not apply to windsor dual? Its 3 years.
  2. Do Ny Firms hire from the eastcoast primarly? Do you have a chance if you work in westcoast Canada?
  3. sorry it might be "canadian law students/ grads" or something along those lines
  4. There are some that in their job postings say "UBC grads only" and some that say "no foreign grads"
  5. Hey yall, I logged into the blackboard with the test login we were provided in the e-mail. I see announcements, but I am having a hard time locating the actual orientation schedule and the assignments posted. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  6. Tv Show on Hbo : Night of trial of guy who wakes up next to dead girl doesnt know who killed her and hes put on trial for it sooooo good
  7. no i didnt find out my number until end of july which was like 20.
  8. My friend applied non-discretionary, 82% average she was also UBC undergrad, killed the lsat 170+, she got in late in the cycle tho in june or july. Not sure if she was ever waitlisted.
  9. All she said was she'll call me if or when she knows. That they're still excepting until the start of school. I really hope they take the transfer students the list (no offence). What BLD said makes sense tbh. Also, if anyone else wants to call and clarify about the transfer thing, because I felt like she doesn't want me to call again if she is saying she'll just call me.
  10. I don’t know honestly, someone else had told me the same thing about the waiting list being chamginh this year because uk transfer were added. But she didn’t say specially uk, so I’m going to call on Friday to clarify or if someone else could ask that would be great !
  11. I spoke to Leanne today and she told me I was in top 5 but I got pushed back because of transfer students. But they might take the transfer students off because it’s so close to school starting. Said one guy might drop his spot he has till Friday. She sounded really unsure like she can’t predict what’s going to happen. And I also don’t understand the whole transfer student situation and why it takes up 1l spots.
  12. thanks for the info, mind sharing your rank ?
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