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  1. My experience is that you need to want to be a lawyer to be suited to being a lawyer (or any other career). Seems too simple? Might be. Deciding what you want to do for a living is secondary to who you want to be in that career. Anything you do will have up sides and down sides the ups will hopefully outnumber the downs for you. Most of the time little of your future life will be as you expect it. At any given juncture you just have to decide if you want to stay where you are at, or change. There is always the opportunity to change course once you are well down a certain path in life, including practicing as a lawyer. Yes that is unconventional, yes there will be lots of reasonable agruements to not change but you can if you hate everything about being a lawyer. The likelihood is that there is something in you that has drawn you to Law so I would suggest that is what really what makes you, or anyone else, well suited to Law.
  2. CameraGiraffe

    USask vs Dalhousie vs TRU

    Go where your supports are - in the long run that is what will help or hinder your success. Listen to your gut, and the only opinions that might matter are those of the people who know you and care about you. Except for my advice here... 😄
  3. CameraGiraffe

    Laptop recommendations for law school?

    I think you shouldn't pay anymore than is necessary and refurbished and new with cosmetic damage are great deals. For example, Amazon warehouse deals. As far as Mac versus PC, I have been a PC user for years and don't really fancy learning the OS system. I can also fix most PC issues myself. Also much more RAM, I can get an i7 processor, and more software options. I really like the ASUS products. That is another PC bonus, you have far more options in hardware and can make it work best for your use and your budget.