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    They haven't sent out interview offers yet, as far as I've heard.
  2. Me and a couple of other 1Ls also got PFOs from Davies.
  3. Not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal to ask interviewees if they have a disability or have received any kind of accommodation. Not that that stops some law firms from doing so, unfortunately, but you don't have to answer them truthfully.
  4. If you really want to experience the UK before you settle down as a lawyer in Canada, go to a Canadian law school and go on an exchange to the UK. Or travel there in the summer. Don't go to law school in the UK.
  5. People pull the "if you can't handle this one thing, you obviously can't handle a career in law" line on this forum a lot. A lot of the time it's some tenuous connection and you can safely ignore that part and just focus on the poster's other advice (if there is any).
  6. Someone not taking potshots at Manitoba at every chance? I like you. A lot of Manitobans tend to stay in Manitoba, I find. As someone who left, I certainly miss some things about life in Manitoba despite everyone around talking up my current city of residence to the high heavens. It's pretty quiet. It's got a lot of nature and space. Costs of living are relatively low. Things are much more relaxed and slow-paced, especially outside of Winnipeg. And honestly as a visible minority I've faced less open prejudice in Manitoba than I have where I'm currently living despite my hometown being white as white bread and my current city of residence being touted for its diversity. Life and a career in Manitoba isn't to everyone's tastes, of course (there's nothing to do except drink and go to hockey games, my friend once joked), but it's not a blighted hellscape either. (sorry for the rant about Manitoba, hopefully OP gets at least some useful information out of it haha)
  7. Oh no, I just sent in my transcript request...Hopefully Rollmaster is correct or else I'm out $12.
  8. My final grades for this past semester have come in. Should I submit my final transcript to OLSAS now or should I wait until after my graduation in early June to submit it?
  9. Ah, do you mind linking the other thread here? Sorry, I'm new to all this so I'm not 100% sure which thread you're referring to.
  10. Is it worth it to talk to someone in person at the banks I'm looking at for a PSLOC (primarily TD and Scotiabank for me right now) or should I reach out via email instead? How have you guys been going about this process?
  11. I can't believe my hometown got brought up just to get hated on...
  12. So I have a lot of free time thanks to my exam schedule being kind of wonky and wanted to go down to the courthouse(s) in Toronto to sit in on some trials. Does anyone here have some general tips and advice on how to act, when it's appropriate to step into a courtroom, etc.?
  13. As someone who wants to work in Toronto but is also terrified of driving in Toronto (far far far bigger and busier than anywhere I've ever drive before, and I would get nervous about driving in my home town of ~40,000 people), is it possible to go without driving at all, especially driving downtown, in certain areas of law?
  14. I had very few, not very good extracurriculars throughout undergrad. What I did for my personal statement was talk about my strengths as a student (reading and writing in my case) and my passion for learning, giving examples for each (not just grades but particular projects, papers, non-academic writing, reading for pleasure, etc.). I then tied these points into how my academic strengths would help me succeed in law school. And obviously since I was claiming that one of my strengths is as a writer, I made sure my personal statement was impeccable in terms of spelling, punctuation, and grammar! It was probably not the most compelling, interesting, or unique personal statement, but it was good enough to get me into all the schools I applied to (UofT, Ottawa, and Queens). With your GPA and LSAT, you should be okay getting in somewhere if not your top choice. Good luck!
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