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  1. OLSAS isn't used for schools outside of Ontario.
  2. Xer

    Nov 1 due date

    Yes. It took 2 days after I submitted my application for my transcripts to arrive at OLSAS, so you should be fine if you submit your application tomorrow.
  3. Xer

    November 1 deadline

    My transcripts were received by OLSAS about 2 days after I submitted my application. You should be fine.
  4. Xer

    Application for Law School for Fall 2019

    Yup, I'm pretty sure most applicants do it. Most schools ask for similar things in your personal statement, so there's not much point in writing something all over again if it's going to say the same thing.
  5. This is posted in the wrong section. Also, I suggest you look it up yourself.
  6. You don't use LSAC unless you're applying to schools in the states. Ontario law schools all use OLSAS. You'll send your referees a link to the place where they can upload their reference letters through OLSAS. All other schools have their own application processes. I don't know what they are, but you can probably find the information somewhere on their website or during the application process.
  7. Xer

    Chances? LSAT: 165, cGPA: 3.30, B3 3.43

    A 3.5 still isn't a great GPA for law school, honestly. Also, everyone says they have great ECs (unless you're a serial self-depracator like me).
  8. Man, that sounds like a terrible situation. Sorry you and your family has to go through that. As for whether LSAC will let you register late for the November LSAT due to your circumstances, I'm not sure. I think it's worth it to contact LSAC and ask them, though.
  9. Xer

    Number of Reference Letters / OLSAS System

    OLSAS lets you add up to three referees. Ottawa wants at least 2 reference letters, at least one of which is academic, so they will probably read all 3 reference letters if you submit 3. And yeah, I agree that the information can be hard to find sometimes, so I don't blame you for asking here.
  10. Xer


    Queens and Western only need one academic reference letter and don't seem to care if the other is academuc or not. Western will read 2 LoRs at random if you send in 3, though. Not sure about Windsor.
  11. Xer


    Depends on your life circumstances (are you a mature applicant or still in university/a recent graduate?) and which schools you're applying to. I know uOttawa recommends having two academic LoRs as opposed to one academic and one non-academic.
  12. I have just about everything completed for my OLSAS application. The only thing I still need is for one of my professors to upload their reference letter, but they said they might not be able to get it in before the last week of October. If I submit the application, pay the fees, etc. before the last reference letter is uploaded, will OLSAS still receive this reference letter? Or do I have to wait until all reference letters are sent before I can submit my application?
  13. It's my fourth year of undergrad at UofT and I'm thinking of making one of my courses credit/no credit because it seems like it'll be harder than I expected it to be. I haven't used the Credit/No Credit option for any of my past courses, and I've taken a full course load in all my previous years. Will doing this negatively impact my application in any way? Applying to UofT, Ottawa, and Queens if that affects anything.