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  1. Is anyone else still waiting to be accepted to the group? I was accepted to the school about a month ago and I submitted to the group right after -still waiting.
  2. cgpa 3.55 (olsas)! I think you have a good chance still, especially late in cycle
  3. I got in with a better cgpa but same other stats. To me there isn't a huge difference between a 159 and a 162 if the 159 gets you into your dream schools. That being said, rewriting is always safer.
  4. You should pay particular attention to this point. I made the same mistake of practically thinking I had a 4.0 because of my percent average. When I finally calculated my GPA properly I was in for a surprise a little late in my applications.
  5. Just got the email, guess they started that next wave! L2 3.72 LSAT 159 Extensive extracurriculars, 95% going
  6. I just got in with the same L2 and a 159 LSAT. It seems like 159 can act as a bit of a cut-off but your chances seem okay, especially if you're applying access.
  7. LSAT definitely too low, even with access application. Access becomes more holistic so it may depend on your circumstances but I would say a 155 LSAT nets you a very low chance for top tier schools like Western
  8. If you got your LSAT up two points i'd say you were almost guaranteed
  9. Accepted today as well 3.7 L2 159 LSAT Extensive Extracurriculars Feeling really good early in the cycle considering my relatively modest stats. Just waiting on Queens and praying on Osgoode.
  10. Accepted twoish weeks ago Cgpa 3.5 L2 3.7 LSAT 159 Extensive softs and (I think) strong essay Looking through these posts it seems that Ottawa has been more lax with their admissions this year. No complaints though
  11. Its an L2 school so it would be relevant to know what your last two year's GPA is. I have similar stats as well, here's hoping
  12. None of mine either, from what I've heard they practically never are. However, verifiers are necessary to show some semblance of proof and I have no doubt that OP's application is harmed by not including them. That being said, OP should be totally fine.
  13. you should certainly rush to find verifiers and send them to Western and possibly all other schools you applied to in Ontario. That being said, your stats are tremendous, and as luckycharm alludes to, your softs are practically irrelevant at this point. The main issue is that verifiers constitute some proof that you have not sent fraudulent information. So some schools may take it quite seriously.
  14. exactly. But you also need to realize that CGPA based schools like Osgoode, Ottawa and UVIC will likely not consider you regardless. That being said, the vast majority of law schools in Canada focus on your L2 years, and with a decent LSAT you could get into one of them.
  15. projected lsat scores are often criticized on this website by people, like myself, who have actually written the test. There is no way to know what score you will get, and almost everyone does worse on test day. Come back with a real LSAT and you will probably get more useful responses. Goodluck!!!!
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