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  1. Just accepted off the waitlist minutes ago!! Stats are previously posted but they are 151 lsat, 3.6-7 gpa and lots of experience in social work type jobs. Good luck to everyone else waiting! Im excited to meet everyone in the near future!
  2. When I spoke to Leanne she said there was a guy ahead of the two girls but she was almost certain he was getting on a plane to go to another school around the day I called. Would that have been you robertkardashian06?
  3. Thanks for the update!! Lets hope! I will let you guys know.
  4. She told me I still would have a chance at #3 yesterday and that offers would continue into the first week as people drop their seats. She said there are two girls ahead of me that are keen on accepting. Are either of you guys watching this forum? Let us know if you are please!! Also didn’t mention anything about the transfer students to me.
  5. I have a cpga of about 3.7. My last 90 might be a bit higher. My lsat score is only 151 though, but I applied in the special considerations category for personal reasons. I also have lots of experience working with marginalized populations, and I plan to focus my legal career in the same area. Hopefully this helps!
  6. I moved from #8 to #3 since the 14th. Good luck everyone!
  7. I was told I was #22 at the end of June, and then #8 at the beginning of last week. MB350 is right though it’s been shuffled a few times. It’s best to check with Leanne although she is very hard to get ahold. I’m well aware of how stressful that can be.
  8. Which school if you dont mind me asking?
  9. Hopefully I didnt get bumped back! And Im on the island so I’m not too far away.
  10. I was told I was #8 last Tuesday. I havent been able to get through since. Hopefully that puts me in the top 5ish that still have a chance?
  11. Potentially, i dont know how bad it is there. Im from the island and its cleared up quite a bit in the last 2 days here.
  12. Because they wouldnt want to make their last offers to people who rejected them. Then the class would go with empty seats and theyd be short money.
  13. I know awhile back Leanne told me students usually jump ship when accepted at another school. Maybe they are waiting until the smoke settles at other schools to start making offers.
  14. Let’s all hope the Saudi Arabians pulling their students out of Canada opens some more spots up for us!
  15. As of yesterday, I havent called again. She told me I should know by August 15th so I think I’m just going to wait until then and see what happens. Letmebealawyer make sure you let us know if you hear anything though!
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