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  1. yea i legit feel my heart hurting at this point
  2. how do we figure out salaries? do they mention it when they call us?
  3. Yes, definitely draw on different experiences.
  4. Ahh I see. I think I will just stick to semi formal to be on the safe side.
  5. You should also consider TRU since it would be a much closer school to you. What are your lsat PTs like? Windsor & TRU look at EC too!
  6. Hi guys, does anyone have an idea as to what is supposed to be worn for the academic orientation? I am assuming suits since class photos and ID pictures are taken? Thank you in advance
  7. I just bought a pair (size 4) today at Nordstrom off the rack. It was 89 plus tax. Vince Camuto. Basic black leather heels. They where the only ones there in the tiny section they had for size 4 at Vaughn mills. It's a real struggle.
  8. I've seen your posts throughout this forum. I'm so proud of you for not giving up! For starters, I really think you should use 7SAGE for you prep. Join their ultimate package and go thru it all. But in terms of anxiety and the lsat - they just don't go together. I think the reason why we do WAY better on preptests is because that anxiety isn't there! I used to PT in the 160s range and on exam day I did 148 (very little prep), 149, then again a 148...So I understand when you are not able to get out of the 140s range even though your PT scores are good. Anxiety on this exam is a real bitch! Its not like any other university exam. Your grades are good! In fact its higher than mine and I got into TRU, Lakehead, and still chilling on Windsor's waitlist & Ottawa's waitlist. My CGPA is 3.1 and L2 is 3.84. I only scored 3 points higher than you on the lsat. You need to focus on what you are good at! That is what I did. Why do you even want to go to law school??? What do you want to do with your law degree? What inspires you to go to law school! You have volunteering, work experience, extra curricular, reference letters, and personal statements (ALL OF WHICH should be as strong as you can make it - to make up for your crap shit LSAT score). You got to show the admissions committee that you are the shit and that a multiple choice exam does NOT define you. Add meaningful extracurriculars to your application! Also you say you exhausted the reference letters - maybe get new ones! I had professors who knew me so well as my references. I think you really need to ask yourself why you want to go to law school. You have May till October to add lots of stuff to your resume! You need to come to terms with the fact that maybe you won't be able to score much higher on the lsat. I wasn't able to, yet I'm still starting law school in September. Focus on holistic schools - tailor your personal statements to the school! Be genuine about it. Don't just join random volunteer organizations etc so it "looks good". What interests you about law school! Start there. Don't just fixate on the LSAT. There are OTHER parts of a law school application that you can make VERY strong - which you obviously did not do for two cycles. You should rewrite your PS from start and get new reference letters. PM me if you need help.
  9. Is there a certain timeframe we should do this by (the govt loans). To get LOC from scotia I have to wait till August to show them my class schedule.
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