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  1. Any transfer lawyers from Ontario to BC, wore the same Ontario Robes to their BC call?
  2. Thank you BringBackCrunchBerries, helpful to know that 3-5 years is usually a minimum ask.
  3. To add to your unhelpful comment in a forum geared for seeking advice, law school teaches you to employ transferable skills. Having knowledge in an area but working in another, is quite common. Most of us took Constitutional law in law school, but we aren't all practicing in it. I mentioned other interests; however, considering how you failed to comprehend the terms "polyamorous marriage of interests", a jumped conclusion that the only type of law I am really, my apologies, really interested in is IP law, was to be expected. Thank you for wasting your time to reply to my post asking for advice. I guess you had nothing better to do at 1:20 am than to employ the anonymity of the internet to post your uncouth and grammatically incorrect opinion. Thank you utmguy, I shall look at Ontario Reports!
  4. Hello all I'm a recent call in Ontario. I articled in a boutique firm practicing Insurance Defence with a focus on municipality liability and Fire and Police department liability. I did not get hired back, which was a blessing as I was looking to branch out of Insurance Defence. I have been scouting Linkedin and indeed for job postings, but havent had any luck with 0-2 years call postings. Most, if not all are 3-5 years. I have vast knowledge in the medical field and health law, as well as a LL.M in international crime and justice focusing on money laundering and corruption, Asset recovery and MLA, human trafficking, transnational organized crime, armed conflict and POW, IHL and human rights and counter-terrorism. My interests also encompass copyright law and IP. I am aware that I have a polyamorous marriage with my interests, coupled with my articling experience in civil litigation focused purely in insurance defence that finding a 1st year associate position is going to be quite difficult and might raise red flags for employers. However, I wanted to make sure I wasn't bottlenecking my career trajectory. Looking for advice as to where to look for 1 st year associate positions and if there are others who didn't get hired back, what did you do in the meantime while looking for jobs? Did anyone branch out from areas they articled in? If I could get some pointers as to where to look for positions, or networking opportunities, it would be a huge help! I am open to the public sector, government, policy, in house, and even moving to other provinces. Thank you
  5. I found civil pro quite difficult and had to guess a lot. Public was the same. Crim and family, had straight-fwd questions that if you had more time you could have found the answers. What I don't understand is how a 1min and 45 seconds is sufficient to locate the answers even if you have read all the material. The independent questions were as long as the case based questions. They say it's not a memorization type of exam but I felt it was. Did anyone buy indexes- and found they weren't helpful at all? Anyone having trouble getting through the business section of the solicitor's material?
  6. Hi Where would you buy summeries for the solicitor exam? Thanks
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