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  1. Yes definitely thats true, I just didn't know if you could be licensed in many places at the same time! Thanks.
  2. Out of curiosity, I never really looked into this too much, but can you be licensed here in Canada as a lawyer (once you pass the bar) and in the U.S at the same time (like for either the state of NY or California)? Will you be able to practice in both Canada and the States (obviously restricted to one province and one state)? I was thinking of practicing in NY or California after I get into law school and finish but I never really looked into whether you can be licensed and practice in both countries
  3. Hi everyone, Can someone please suggest a few LSAT tutors I can contact, I do prefer that they are based in Canada and offer online tutoring. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone quick question, My CGPA (calculated by OLSAS) is 3.1 and my B2/L2 is a 3.4 (my L2 are a 3.4 and those are also my B2). What LSAT score should I be aiming for? I've written it once and received a 146 (my anxiety kicked in and I got nervous). I have really good volunteer and work experience. I also received some awards and got published. Thank you!
  5. Okay but I already know that I just really need help and I am struggling and I don't need someone to tell me I can't, you have no idea what I have been through and I have finally built the confidence to apply and I don't have anyone to help me and so I spent the whole day researching forums to see where I can post without feeling like crap.
  6. U of Alberta and U of Calgary, my backups are U of Victoria, Kingston and Ottawa but financially I don't think I can go to any of my backup schools
  7. Honestly if you cannot advise me nicely please don't comment
  8. Can someone please advise me? I'm new to this forum and here is my question
  9. Hey everyone this probably one of the most repetitive questions you all might see on the forum, but I am hoping someone will advise me. I plan on applying this round to a couple of Canadian law schools in order to start in the Fall of 2020. I haven't written the LSAT yet and it will be my first time but I have to choose between the November and January exams (January is the last acceptable exam). I am hoping to take it once (which might be a long shot I know) as my top 2 schools take the average of more than one score if written more than once. So, I have been using 7sage and Kaplan. I ran through the curriculum probably in February (a year before I had run through it once but never really PTd) before starting the curriculum my cold diagnostic was135 and I started to just practice some problem sets and RC passages and had to take a break for about a month due to finishing up my courses, I did take a practice test (I do not remember the number) but I got 143. I do try my best to BR and when I take passages and pt's I do time myself. Anyways when I got back to studying early July, I took the February 1997 and got 138 (but I was sort of ill) and I took Prep Test 1/35 and scored about the same. My goal and what I need is between a 160-165 and my overall GPA is a 3.4. I usually do really bad on LR (7/25 on each LR), and I find all the inference questions difficult RC (9/28) which is surprising because when I was practicing RC passages I would get 4/6 or 3/7 (per passage) LG is my strongest section (20/24). In August, I re-visited the curriculum, really trying to drill and understand everything and I am almost done (I just need to re-study MSS, Causation and Some/Most). Today I practiced an LR section and got 12/25, its still low but its pretty big improvement. My question is I have week to register for the November exam and I am not sure if I should, you could basically say that I just started PTing again and January is my last shot, which test do you advise that I should take? I know it depends on how much I study now and can improve as everyone improves differently but I am really confused on what to do. Also right now, I am not in school (just graduated with my degree) and still looking for a full-time job which I may secured. So if I take the January exam I could be working full-time before it.
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