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  1. omg that's incredible.
  2. I can confirm through personal experience that discretionary is not based on age but can be based on experience and you sound like you have a great wealth of experience to apply with. An LSAT score in the 170 range will help your GPA. My GPA was higher than yours but not by too much, and with a 172, decent work experience (also 5 years from graduation), and a thoughtful and well written personal statement I was accepted through the discretionary category. Go for it!!
  3. Ah ok, I was going to suggest 7sage because it took me from 151 to 172. That said, I am lucky that I get extra sharp under day-of exam pressure and I understand that for a lot of people the opposite happens. I wish I could help but I imagine there's a lot on this forum and reddit forums for people who struggle with exam anxiety/blanking. I am sure you can find a way to increase your LSAT score if you tackle that issue and get into wherever you want to go! You have a strong GPA and a considerable background for any discretionary category - keep at it. Good luck to you!
  4. @stqust what are you using to study for your LSAT?
  5. Accepted today! Probably from the Discretionary category but I was too excited and forgot to ask. I was #20 on the wait list last week. GPA: 77.23 LSAT: 172 Index 91.45
  6. My status just changed to offer!! I was #20 on the waitlist last week but also applied via Discretionary so I'm guessing I was admitted from that pool. Either way, I'm out of the waitlist pool - good news for #21! Index 91.45
  7. My status just changed to offer!! Not sure if it's from discretionary because I was also #20 on the waitlist last week. Check your status checker!
  8. impatientlywaiting

    Autism and law school: should I not bother?

    I would just like to suggest that if you are willing to try therapy to help you with your social anxiety, I would highly recommend trying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is expensive but extremely effective. For example, 6 sessions cost me $1,200 but I have learned tools that I can use for life. CBT changed my life and the way my brain works, it's amazing! Based on your anxieties about your ASD relating to your social abilities, I can already imagine the kinds of strategies a CBT therapist would offer you. But above all, never let your anxiety make your life choices! Being social is not superior to being anything else. If you want to become a lawyer, you will become a lawyer!
  9. I emailed and heard this morning that I'm #20 on the regular waitlist (also applied via discretionary category which is reviewed next Friday). so close yet so far. confirmed GPA 77.23 LSAT 172 Index: ~91.45
  10. I am still waiting on that waitlist and it's killllllllling meeeeeeeeeeee. It doesn't help that this forum has been dead quiet for 3 weeks. I just want to know so I can move my life forward! Needed to post just to see who else is out there quietly waiting with me. 5 months and counting.... cGPA 77.23 LSAT 172 Index 91.44