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  1. So to be sure, only document that is required is the unofficial transcript? And i can email the personal statement even after submitting my application right?
  2. Hi! If someone who is already a lawyer can answer these questions that would be super helpful: What field of law are you in and depending on that why you enjoy it? Did you always wanted to work in this field? How much paperwork do you have to do, or I guess what is your work environment like (office, court room or both)? How much stress there is, I suppose what the work-life balance is like? Also, have you noticed a drastic change in your field since you graduated from law school to now, as in the demand for it and such...? Thank you so much!!
  3. Definitely go to the test center, find the room, this way the place will not feel foreign. Something that helped me was to do LR questions untimed, just leisurely leading up to the test and re-doing bunch of timed LGs and off course everything that has been mentioned above. But do not stress yourself out/or push yourself too much, go in with confidence!! You got this!!
  4. cannot recommend this more, that was a surprise for me that they seal the booklet with this paper sticker/seal!! I definitely tore the front page a bit...
  5. They will start letting people in at 8:30am but test probably wont start until 9ish (they assign people to seats, sign them in etc etc which takes some time). Reach at 8am? you will need to wait outside the room until 8:30am. Leave your phone in car, home, with someone, you can bring it into the building but not in the room. Yup, your friend can totally accompany you, leave the phone with them. You will have plenty of time to reset watch, sharpen pencils in between sections, as the person will read instructions before start of each sections. You get all sections in a booklet at once but offcourse arent allowed to flip forward. They will give you a 5 mins heads up at the end of each section. Offcourse you will know when the time is up as the person will tell you to put your pencil down. Umm depends on location and lecture hall/setting as to how many people. It took 5 and a half hours for me.
  6. If taking a water bottle, make sure its see through with not label/stickers as they will ask you to take any stickers off.
  7. But if it is well known that there are more than enough law schools, why would faculty members be pushing for a new law school, that too in Toronto where there already is one?
  8. oh thank you! that is good to hear.
  9. Would course load be less of an issue for schools that calculate index scores?
  10. I definitely have 2 fulls years according to U of Sask which total to 3.71/4.33.
  11. How much does ones course load matter during admissions? I have one semester where I had 18 credits total and got A+ in all and other semester have been 4 courses while last two were 3 courses because of how course planning occurred. Would not always taking more than 4 courses hinder my chances in any way?
  12. Just take time, look through each schools law website, they state what they need from students and also what they want in the personal statements, depending on which school, you will probably have to modify the personal statement.
  13. Schools that calculate an index score , do not require a reference letter, base their decision just on that number? As in they receive your transcript, calculate the GPA (however they look at it, drops, L2 etc etc), plug that number plus LSAT and obtain your index score, and compared to other application's index score make a decision?
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