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  1. Congrats! Did you receive a call or was the offer via email/oasis?
  2. Did you call to ask why you had been waitlisted? Just curious as to how you opened a dialogue that resulted in them catching this error.
  3. highly recommend rallying your people to support you so you can take the full 4 hours every saturday or sunday to write a full practice test at your local library etc. or find an lsat study course in your area that runs practice tests under test conditions. i would spend those chunks of time in the evenings learning/practicing skills related to games/arguments, and putting them to use with weekly practice tests. similar situation to you in trying to work around bedtimes etc, and this ended up being my approach.
  4. do not overthink this. write the lsat and submit your applications. there is no way to speculate on chances as a mature student. the only thing you can do is throw your hat in the ring. i just noticed you've been thinking about this since 2014, so i'd say there is no better time to go for it than now. i'm also a mature student with a very, very full life, and when i was studying for the lsat i found that taking an lsat course was super helpful to me for carving out chunks of time to focus fully on lsat studies. totally depends on your individual style though. DO IT! the deadlines will be here before you know it. you can deal with the logistics of everything once an actual offer of admission arrives next year!
  5. Just called them and they confirmed that accepting/rejecting their waitlist offer is for their knowledge only and has nothing to do with any other schools\any offers from anywhere else.
  6. I'm neurotically wondering the same thing. I'm assuming accepting Western's waitlist offer has nothing to do with the other schools and is just for their internal waitlist organization. But I didn't bother calling to (neurotically) confirm this and just accepted the offer.
  7. Also waitlisted this morning. Were all of you offered the option to accept or reject your waitlist offer?
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