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  1. TooYoung

    Business Card Etiquette

    Thank you all. I think the major point that's been made in one way or another by most of you is to consider whether the person receiving my "business" card would want to contact me. That likely isn't the case as I can't think of too many situations where a lawyer would want to reach out to the student who is using the encounter for his/her own benefit. The lawyer probably doesn't stand to gain much by following up with the student. This makes lots of sense to me now that I think about it. For any of you that care, I did not end up handing out any of my cards but I received a few. So I guess the practice isn't dead ☺️.
  2. TooYoung

    Business Card Etiquette

    At least there's hope that my $50 might not turn out to be completely spent in vain...
  3. TooYoung

    Business Card Etiquette

    Is this an invitation to apply to your firm? Does LS.ca contact info count? Thanks for the insights all of you, I'm glad I consulted this forum before handing them out thinking I look like such a professional while sending the opposite image.
  4. TooYoung

    Business Card Etiquette

    I'm going to a networking event in the coming days at a recruitment event and hope to impress a few lawyers. I was told that it may be worthwhile to get some business cards to convey a professional image and make some connections. I was wondering if any of you use them or is it a dead practice? Are there any dos/don'ts when exchanging cards? If it's relevant, I'm still a student.
  5. TooYoung

    Low GPA, high L2, odds?

    @Prospero: Yes, very annoying haha but I know you wouldn't say it unless you had good intentions, so thank you. I've just started studying for the LSAT so hopefully I can score something in the 160s or higher. Whether or not that will happen, and how much effort that will take, is yet to be seen -- I'll never know if I don't try though. Cheers. @420: Glad to hear, very encouraging. I hope all goes well for you in your studies. Thanks for the input ladies/gentlemen. Regards
  6. TooYoung

    Low GPA, high L2, odds?

    Would you mind sharing where else you applied? I assume you took a similar approach in deciding which schools to apply to? I need something positive to help me sleep at night! I called Western and they told me that they count them (perhaps a factor in why you were accepted?), still waiting on a reply from Queen's to let me know what they think about summer courses. Thanks for the (somewhat) encouraging input! I'm a big fan of your username by the way. Best of luck with the rest of your applications and your time in school.
  7. TooYoung

    Low GPA, high L2, odds?

    Hello everyone, I'll be finishing my undergrad in August. Due to immaturity and frankly not caring about school, my first three years were pretty bad (2.29 CGPA for first three years). However, having decided I want to take a shot at law school, I started caring about school and have had a pretty good year. Notwithstanding the summer classes I'm about to take, I have a 3.7 average in my fourth year. If all goes according to plan with my summer courses, I'll have a 3.8 for my fourth year by graduation. That would bring my last two year average to a whopping 3.15, and my CGPA to a 2.69. As such, I've decided to take another year of undergrad to bump up my last two as the schools I've talked to say that for the purpose of their admissions, they "count backwards" from your most recent undergraduate grades and make the calculation from there. Going through that route, if all goes as planned (again), I'll have a last two average of a 3.8 and a cgpa of 2.9. I've taken all fourth year courses this year and plan to do so in the extra year as well. I recognize that things have a tendency to go differently than planned but for the sake of this question, let's assume that I'm a pretty good fortune teller. Furthermore, for the sake of argument, let's assume that I'm able to score a 165 on the LSAT (I haven't written yet). Therefore, my question is: with a last two/best two average of 3.8, a 2.9 CGPA, and a 165 LSAT, would I have any decent odds of admission? Would my low cgpa be a major or minor hindrance to my odds? If it matters, I'm most interested in Queen's, Western, and Dalhousie (considering how their processes seem to favour last two grades). I have two years of work experience in the federal public service and have two professors who I'm confident will write very good LORs. If this has been answered elsewhere, I apologize. I found the people in similar situations still had much higher CGPAs than I do so I was more curious your thoughts on how this would affect my application. Thanks in advance.