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  1. Thank you so much for your response! Not sure if it's an olsas gpa, its just like my cgpa (mostly because its only 18 credits so I'm not sure if converting it will give an accurate reading!)
  2. Hi, I am just trying to decide if I should retake my LSAT in July. I'm going into third year but don't see my gpa improving significantly. Should I retake the LSAT or will I have a good chance at Ontario skills (U of T is my first coice).
  3. Hey! Has anyone ever improved on the actual day of the test? If so how?
  4. I just looked at my diagnostic stats and I got 20/27 for RC, 17/25 on both 'arguments' section, and then 19/23 on LG (15/22 on the experimental LG). I feel like those can be improved upon (hopefully!) I just have no concept of by how much I can improve them.
  5. Hi! I am currently signed up for a 3.5 hour/day LSAT course (plus one practise test a week) that is running from April 30th to June 8th. I am also signed up for the LSAT on June 11th! I totally didn't think this would be an issue until someone told me today that I was crazy to only take one month to study for the LSAT. I did a cold diagnostic under exam conditions in March and got a 157 (I wasn't really taking the test too seriously). My goal for this LSAT is in the mid-160 range (obviously aiming for the 170s but trying to be realistic). I have nothing else going on in the month of May/June so I am committed to putting in the self-study hours as well. Do you think this is doable? HELP I'm super stressed out!
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