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  1. 90.67 index. Pretty worried. Well documented learning disabilities which adversely affected my first two years (which were done in 2007 and 2008). Graduated in 2015, so am a mature student as well. Hopefully the documentation I provided (learning assessments by registered psychiatrists, medical referrals and prescriptions) will be sufficient to justify my access claim.
  2. I am! I anticipate going to the U of C, however waiting on some word from UBC (I've applied there as a discretionary candidate, and don't expect to hear back until late May / June). Should I receive an offer from UBC I'll forfeit my deposit, but in the somewhat likely event I do not, I'll be thrilled to attend U of C come fall!
  3. @huskybins I've declined my offer! Good luck to those still waiting, and congrats to those attending!
  4. Accepted back in February, but have declined the offer. L2 ~3.9, unconfirmed, and highest LSAT 166 / 163 avg.
  5. got accepted back in February, LSAT 166, B2/L2: 3.9 ish?
  6. I will be! As an aside, what is the dress code? Business casual? Suits? Cargo shorts and an affliction t-shirt?
  7. Received my email today. GPA L2: 3.8 ish? LSAT: 166 Will most likely decline the offer, but they're the first to get back to me so we'll see!
  8. Looks like all the admissions officers / advisors are away, and I'm wondering if someone here has been in this situation. It looks like U Vic drops on a sliding scale, according to how many credits one has, with their examples topping out at 18 credits for a 120 credit degree (4 year degree). I have 144 credits owing to a degree I began, did not finish, and for which credits did not transfer. Does anyone know if they will "drop" additional credits when accounting for the surplus? Additionally, I'm wondering how they factor courses for which a grade of "CR" (credit) was earned, would this be the "performance based classes" they refer to, and am I inferring correctly they would not count against my drop total? Thanks!
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