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  1. GeraltofRivia

    Personal Statement

    Frame your statement around your education, experience and achievements. Focus mainly on why you're proud of what you did and how they contribute to you being a worthy law student. Conclude with a brief statement about why uOttawa's Common Law Faculty is attractive to you.
  2. Hey 1L here... Just got my first paper back and it's a B+. Definitely accustomed to higher in my past experiences, especially given the professor's feedback. I was told that law profs are very difficult graders, so I just want to know how a B+ is perceived, and what extra effort would be needed to cross the A threshold. Thanks!
  3. GeraltofRivia

    What internet provider would you recommend?

    My rate is about $100 a month. If you're new to Rogers, though, you could probably get a promo rate as low as $69.99 depending on the time of year.
  4. GeraltofRivia

    What internet provider would you recommend?

    I splurged on Rogers Gigabit because I need all the Mbps!
  5. GeraltofRivia

    Selling LSAT Prep Package - Ottawa Area

    I'd like these books to remain in use rather than sit in my bookshelf collecting dust! They are lightly used, with some notes taken in pencil here and there. I made a point of not marking any answers in the prep test booklets, so there won't be any spoilers. Brand new, these books cost me over $300 altogether. I'm offering for $80! Package includes: 10 official preptests #42 - 51 10 official preptests #62 - 71 Preptests 77, 78 and 80 Manhattan prep 5th edition: reading comp; logic games; logical reasoning Manhattan lsat 3rd edition logic games PowerScore LSAT logic games bible 2017 edition Barron's LSAT logic games PM if interested!
  6. GeraltofRivia

    Reference letters and reapplying question.

    Yeah, as others have mentioned, your referee will need to resend letters if you must reapply. It's all part of the game, and most (if not all) academic referees will understand. Just try not to burn any bridges this year, LOL!
  7. GeraltofRivia

    PSLOC: what bank did you go through?

    This is probably a silly question ... is it acceptable to apply for both OSAP and a PSLOC, or would one compromise the chances of getting the other?
  8. GeraltofRivia

    Ottawa U LSAT - When does it fill up?

    The rooms are no larger than a high school classroom. You don't need to scope out the place, the exam room is right down the hall from the front entrance.
  9. GeraltofRivia

    Ottawa U LSAT - When does it fill up?

    Background noise can definitely impact performance, imo. If you plan on writing in Ottawa, definitely look into registering at Saint Paul. From experience, there should still be spots available right up until the deadline, so you have more time to put together the funds for your test.
  10. GeraltofRivia

    Ottawa U LSAT - When does it fill up?

    I wrote the LSAT at both Algonquin and Saint Paul and would recommend the latter. The rooms are smaller and there are fewer people, so there's less noise to distract you while writing.
  11. GeraltofRivia

    Ottawa U LSAT - When does it fill up?

    From experience, I can tell you that uOttawa and Algonquin test centres will fill up first, while Saint Paul will still have available spots up until the registration deadline.
  12. GeraltofRivia

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    What did you use as proof of your bloc schedule? My rep said that he won't be able to finalize anything for me unless I can show documentation that I'm enrolled full-time...
  13. GeraltofRivia

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    Has anyone here received proof of full time enrollment yet? Mine's still showing up as part-time
  14. GeraltofRivia

    LOC for Ottawa max is 90K!

    I've been a lifetime RBC client, but I switched to Scotia due to a similar experience as OP. Getting a credit limit over 100k shouldn't be a problem at prime + 0.5 or less shouldn't be a hassle.
  15. Hey all, I've been impatiently waiting for my class schedule to be completed by admin. This process has been a bit strange given that we're only required to register for two courses with the rest being filled in automatically, and I just wanted to make sure I did it right (lol). Has anyone here received news of their class schedule being completed at this point?