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  1. If you're curious about my stats as someone who hasn't been contacted by WF, let me know 😂
  2. Can we make a discussion thread for Toronto post-OCI job searching? I've applied to WeirFoulds, Blaneys, Singletons, but haven't heard back from them yet.
  3. Hey! My stats are not too far off from yours (and even worse at 2.75/3.7/157) and I got accepted into Windsor for the dual JD if you’re interested you at least have a chance, especially since their admissions process is so unpredictable! Best of luck
  4. Got my offer this morning! CGPA: 2.75 (yikes, I know - changed programs later on so my L2/B2 is 3.62) LSAT: 157 Had what I assume to be pretty decent ECs (volunteering, running clubs at school, lots of part-time work, and research) and LORs, but I guess I have no way of truly knowing. My guess is that my personal statement may have had some sway! Want to give people some hope, even if you don't have the best stats!
  5. That's the plan! Was just wondering if anyone else received a "preliminary" email as well.
  6. Are official offers of admission handed out by mail? I would've expected a change online (either through the Uwindsor portal or OLSAS).
  7. Hi all! I received an email on Apr 19, 2018 from Stephanie Winbigler stating that I’ve been accepted into the program and will receive my official offer of admissions shortly. I have been been checking my email, myUwindsor status (still “referred to admissions comittee), and OLSAS, and so far, nothing, as of April 23 (approx. 3 business days). I was wondering if anyone else is/was in the same boat? I’m prepping myself for worst-case-scenario that is her email being some sort of clerical error. Thanks!
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