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  1. Thanks everyone. You’re right timmies123, it is a lot of effort on every level to work towards this, given my circumstances. But like you said, there’s other opportunities out there. I gotta do some thinkin and figure out if I want to head down this path for sure or take another route! Thanks again
  2. Thank you. I guess I’m just more anxious to start because I’m already 26. I have no problem doing what you mentioned but I just feel like an outsider getting a late start to my career. I know everyone moves at different paces but it’s just hard seeing everyone’s lives take off and I’m still trying to get my shit together ha
  3. Thank you to all, that’s good to know. I wouldnt want to waste a year of uni and it doesn’t make a dent in my application (or enough of one to make me competitive) so that dose of reality is definitely helpful! Back to the drawing board..
  4. Thank you, that was helpful. I didn’t consider the fact that my gpa may not even increase that much to be that great so I definitely have to weigh the pros and cons. Thanks again Good to know most schools don’t consider masters, thanks for that. To clarify, I was PTing in the mid 160s the highest I got was 167 and that was under test conditions, the only condition I didn’t do was practice the test at 830 in the morning so I will have to try doing that this time around to make sure I’m completely comfortable. Thanks sorry but I’m not sure how to calculate my last two years, but it wasn’t a sharp upward trend per se I would say it was more gradual which probably doesn’t look that great to law schools lol. And I don’t think my goals are arbitrary, even if I don’t hit 170s next time around I won’t stop trying..just baby steps for now
  5. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a situation and I’m hoping you guys can help me out. I apologize in advance for the long story! I applied to law school for September admissions and so far have been rejected from everywhere except Ottawa but I’m not holding my breath at all for that. I want to apply for the next cycle but I want to do that with confidence. Due to medical reasons the first two years of my undergrad were real crappy and my overall GPA is extremely low 2.12. I know. It’s awful. I got an LSAT of 152 but am planning to rewrite in September and I want to shoot for the 170s to sort of compensate for my shitty GPA. I was practice testing in the 160s when I was studying and test day was just a bunch of nerves and I ended up with 152 but anyways I know I can achieve a way higher LSAT if I put a lot of work and effort in. Even if I manage to achieve a high LSAT score my GPA is way too low and my question is, what can I do to raise my GPA? I’ve looked into pursuing a masters but of course don’t meet the admission requirements. I also looked into going back to university to complete an extra year but all the deadlines have long passed and I would have to apply in 2019 and that will push my law school applications for entry in 2020. I would really like to spend this year doing things to improve my application and increase my competitiveness. I’ve asked some of the law school admissions on what I can do to improve my app and they said I had great volunteering/LORs and PS but the stats don’t prove my ability to handle law school. So they said if I could take some extra courses and raise my GPA I could have a shot for next year. So, do you guys have any advice for me? Is there anything I can do degree-wise that would raise my GPA or overall just improve my application? Or do you think that I can’t overcome my GPA and I should just consider another path all together? Any help you guys can provide would be much appreciated! Thank you! and please, no negative comments!
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