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  1. feraenaturae

    Suits for Women

    Thank you for those links (I like them all, but wouldn't think of the first and last at all). and the information on stores that sell studs. I hate shopping and am generally stressed out when I'm in stores, or at best just really focused on what I'm there for. All I could think of was Claires and Ardenes, and I suspected that was the wrong direction to go 😂. My attention to detail for this kind of thing IS bad (but I have great attention to detail for school and work somehow). When I read your post, I had to get up and check the mirror to see if my ears look pierced. They do, but I can't actually get jewelry in them, because they closed up a long time ago. I have been considering getting them re-pierced for a while now, but that was mostly so I could wear fun/silly earrings. Thanks for the reassurance, and further suggestions on places to check. I don't think I've ever seen earrings at either of those stores, but again, I hate shopping. I'm not worried that it would be a real point-loser or whatever if I'm not wearing jewelry. If it were something I were opposed to or would feel uncomfortable with, I wouldn't bother. I'm just slowly noticing it's somewhat expected, and seen by many women as an outfit essential. But thank you for the reassurance, because I'm not sure which way I'll go yet, and definitely don't want to be worrying about it in the interview if I don't end up piercing my ears and/or finding something I like and want to wear confidently.
  2. feraenaturae

    Suits for Women

    Posted that too quickly, and the editing was being weird. Anyway, I'll avoid wedges anyway I guess. Yeah, I mean absolutely no jewelry. I pretty much stopped wearing it after high school, when I ditched the excessive bracelet habit so many of us fell into then. I know it won't make or break my career prospects, but I don't want to stand out, and I'm not opposed to jewelry if not wearing it is noticeable. It's just always seemed pointless to me, and a lot of extra shopping time and more money spent. Where would a quite broke law student go to buy interview appropriate jewelry? I have no clue.
  3. feraenaturae

    Suits for Women

    Re: wedges. I thought I linked them in black!
  4. feraenaturae

    Suits for Women

    More overthinking questions, since I have no clue how to dress... Is it okay to wear wedges with a skirt? Something like these: https://www.anntaylor.com/molly-suede-wedge-pumps/413910 (but not those). I *feel* they're more appropriate for pants, but I prefer skirts and prefer wedges to regular heels. Are necklaces/jewelry important? As in, I see them come up a lot in terms of "wear this style/don't wear this style", but what about just wearing none. Providence, reading through this thread and some others, it seems you really notice/assess people's wardrobe choices. Would you notice and think it's odd for a woman to be in business attire/go to interviews with absolutely no jewelry?
  5. feraenaturae

    Suits for Women

    I think it looks great, and I really like that style (unfortunately I don't find it flattering on myself). Thanks for reminding me Ann Taylor exists...just checked out their website and really like a lot of pieces, and they seem well priced. Question: I'm probably overthinking this, but they have three different weights of wool: tropical, seasonless and double weave. Would it be best to go with tropical for interviews if you're someone prone to get overly warm if nervous (and then nervous about being overly warm, vicious cycle), or is it obvious it's a summer suit and not appropriate for November interviews?
  6. Hahaha, I think you have an amusing picture of what law school is like. Maybe it varies by school, but at mine, we were never encouraged to disregard our sense of morality. If anything, we were encouraged to constantly examine it.
  7. That's my point though! If people are impressed that you "beat the odds", that suggests they see it as an accomplishment just to be in the field. That suggests prestige to me!
  8. Interesting! *Everyone* acts impressed when they hear I'm in law school, it's kind of embarrassing and awkward. Like convenience store owners*, bartenders, coworkers and superiors (at my minimum wage job), old friends, distant relatives. It's honestly really weird! Maybe they start with a different opinion of me, and are surprised. Could be related to my appearance. Perhaps you look like a corporate lawyer, so it's just like "oh...yep" when they hear you are. Based on this, it seems to me there's definite prestige to law, but if there's not, I don't give a shit and agree making decisions for prestige won't be fulfilling. *just the ones who knew me as a customer for years and wondered where I'd disappeared to for a year, I don't say "can I get a pack of Belmonts, and btw I'm in law school".
  9. I agree with Dreamer's list, except for buying optional texts...the law library likely has extra copies of all of them, and likely let you take them out practically forever.
  10. It is so interesting to me that other people can go to class without reading first. Everytime I did that, I spent the whole class feeling lost and confused, and didn't get anything out of class. For me, I had to read before class. In the beginning I often (usually) took the totally wrong thing from the case, but by second semester I was spot on. Try both ways, see what feels right to you. Some people swear by not reading the cases at all! (Crazy!)
  11. feraenaturae

    Worthwhile Organizations

    Looks like it is relatively cheap for students ($25), including articling students. Assure from the CPD, would you still find it valuable? Do you think it would be of any value for a law student?
  12. Yep, all the pages and pages. One of my biggest mistakes in 1L was thinking "no way will this be on the exam, it was barrrrrely covered in class". Without fail, I think most of my exams managed to cover every little thing. Based on pre- and post-exam talk, many of my peers made the same mistake. You will be amazed what they can work into a fact pattern. Exams are long. Expect everything to be covered.
  13. To be fair, I took a political science course that "paralleled" my 1L Charter court. The difference was we read Hogg, we didn't read cases, and we didn't have to consider how to apply it to fact patterns. But "paralleled" is actually really accurate because we covered all the same stuff, topics, cases etc., but in a fundamentally different way. Parallel doesn't mean the same!
  14. feraenaturae

    Debate this: Summer Firm Tours

    I think they're really good for someone who is less comfortable at these types of events, less comfortable in the firm environment, or less comfortable talking to lawyers. I've gathered that being stiff and/or awkward at OCIs can destroy your chances, so anything to get more comfortable is invaluable. I've also found them a good source of questions to ask, as a student next to me may ask a lawyer something really interesting, and I make a note of it to ask other lawyers/firms in the future.
  15. feraenaturae

    Honest Opinions Needed

    According to their website, UVic calculates GPA after dropping 18 credits if you have a 4 year degree (120 credits). So that's 6 semester-long classes. I was saying it sounded like your grades were more consistent than varied...drops really help students with a few outlier grades dragging down their GPA, not so much with mostly consistent students. But recalculate after dropping 6 grades, and see where you stand. On the other hand, Manitoba and some other schools mentioned here drop a full year or two of courses, and some have lower GPA medians for entry. Look at all the schools websites or subforums here, find out how they calculate GPA and calculate yours using their formulas. Then see what's usually competitive for entry -- their websites will have this info, the individual school subforums have it, and anything you can find, ask admissions, they should be really helpful. I know that's not the point of chances threads I guess, so I think with a solid last year and a really strong LSAT (both easier said than done) you have a good chance of getting in somewhere.