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  1. Hi, I am just wondering what the typical expected hours for either a summer student or junior associate are in Vancouver -- especially large national firms. Having a finance background where I worked in both BC and QC/ON, I definitely noticed a cultural difference such that BC'ers wouldn't place so much value in 'burning the candle on both ends' unless it was necessary. Ie. if you have you stuff together you no one begrudges you for taking off at 5, in fact it shows that you have a handle on your work. This was not the case east of Hope -- you really needed to be demonstrating that extra mile. Essentially I am asking two question: one is factual (what hours) and one is cultural. What are your thoughts/experiences? How much after-work night skiing can I expect to get in?
  2. Ok. I have to point out that SK will only considered full-completed years. So a stellar semester will not factor in... but... if you do have a stellar final year and find yourself offside elsewhere. I suggest sending your updated grades to Doreen in April. There are always a lot of last-minute acceptances leading up to the day before classes. If they have your stellar final year, then it might bump you up the waitlist rank during that period of time. However, before they receive it, they will only consider full years. This was my plan until gaining acceptance in March.
  3. The admissions GPA averages are misleading because of the SK connection requirement. Do you have any connection to SK whatsoever?? like really, anything? If you are happy waiting a year? The 78+80 and a solid a LSAT will get you in.
  4. ... god what a ride. Hope everyone did hunky dory.
  5. I recall they also had a reception for candidates last month
  6. Thanks, it's always pleasant to come back. Yep, gonna interview
  7. Same. I didn't do any OCI's whatsoever (I'm out in the frozen hinterlands) No word from Strikes. Can't win them all. I just know that Hunter is a tiny little litigation boutique that appears to only interview probable clerks and everyone there appears to be exceptionally distinguished. The firm is an enigma.
  8. I heard from EKB and FLG earlier today... fyi. Does anyone have intel on Hunter? are they really as exceptional as it appears?
  9. The question is, how quickly do people usually decline ITCs?
  10. I think some of these are hand written so it might take a little while... most trickled In over hours
  11. Interesting, so there is a space between PFO and ITC? Like a waitlist of sorts?
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