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  1. Hey guys I had a question regarding the visa application process. If I am getting the student line of credit suppose BMO with their 20k/year cap, but that doesnt pay for all my expenses since tuition is 24k/year and living expenses according to visa requirements are 14.5k. I am also getting 8.8k from osap so in total I need to show i have money for 39k in order to apply for the visa. So since the BMO and osap alone dont cover all the money I am deciding to get another line of credit from another bank for 10k only, my question is would this money qualify as a bank loan? so it wouldnt have to follow the 28 day rule? Someone with experience with this please help! I would really appreciate it!
  2. yeah i mean I guess I do understand why they would want a cosigner though. Its just that this whole process is so weird that many banks and the people working there dont all know their policies. Like every rep I have met has told me something different so I would just wish if they could atleast be more clear.
  3. Hey Isabellas thank you so much for breaking this down for me. Really helpful that you have talked to other banks and know what they are offering. So I have been to Scotia bank and at the first appointment he ran a credit check and told us that with my dad as a co-signor we were not approved, something to do with debt to income ratio. Which was suprising because he mentioned that the income was not the problem. Also the guy never mentioned that they dont offer loans for abroad study btw, i even told him the school was in england so I am not even sure if he even knew the policy but the bitch brought my credit score down with that inquiry. He did say that maybe getting another co-signor like my brother could also be an option so i might try that. But honestly this whole process is just to demoralizing. I guess i might try BMO, please send me the name of the advisor as well. thank you
  4. oh yeah, Ill try that hopefully they accept it. Thank you
  5. Hey your going to leicester, so am I. Did they give you a letter of enrolment? Because for me they said they wont give it until registration starts in end august or early septemeber. Dont you need the letter of enrolment to start your application at any bank for getting an loc?
  6. thank you for the insight guys. I am really bummed out that scotiabank isnt giving anymore loans for schools outside of canada and I really wonder why? Does having a co-signer make a difference? I have an appointment with them and now it feels like it will be a waste of time. Please let me know what rates you get from other banks though.
  7. Hi, I know from reading previous posts on this forum that going to a UK law school is considered to be very very bad, but I have already thought long about this so please dont give me advice regarding reconsidering this choice. I however, am going through this process of applying for line of credit and funding this. I have already received some financial aid from OSAP which I can access once school starts however I am not very sure about the line of credit required to pay for the rest of my tuition. I was wondering if someone could shed some light on what my options are. Do the loc rates and options most likely differ for students applying for universities in Canada? I have talked to one financial advisor at CIBC who said the max they could give me was 100k but at a rate of 3% + prime 1. Thats quite a lot right? considering some students over here are getting prime +0. I would really really appreciate if someone could share their experience applying for loc for uk universities. Thank you!
  8. I got an interview at a cafe and they asked me to do a 3-hour trial shift with no mention of being paid. I agree and during the trial shift I am literally made to do the work the baristas and cafe employees are supposed to do. After looking at the menu once they want me to start making drinks for customers, clean up and work as a cashier. I received no compensation at all just told that i have to come in for the next trial shift and when that finishes I message back saying what the hiring process was now and she replies with that they are not hiring me. I gave my all to getting this job and then the manager does this. I sent a message back saying I was owed the minimum wage for the hours I worked and that I could either send her my bank details or she could sent me the money through the e-mail. I dont even know where to proceed with this. What should I do if she never replies back?? Is this even legal in any way? If not, how do I take legal action?
  9. i just checked and there arent any lsat books for sale on craiglist for all of toronto
  10. people on kijiji overprice like crazy! they dont even negotitiate, is craiglist any different?
  11. Hi guys, I wanted to know if any of you are selling your powerscore bible trilogy (a recent edition) with the workbooks and pretests. I am a broke uni student so cant buy the $170 package from amazon. I live in toronto, so if anyone near that area wants to sell me their books please let me know. Thank you!
  12. its out of 4.0 but these are not entirely accurate since I am still finishing my 3rd year right now. I am guessing it would be 3.6 hopefully
  13. i agree with the two other other comments diplock and maximumbob. I dont know what kjac2014 was trying to say in that comment since it didnt really go with the rest of the comments before that. Everyone else had just recommended that I improve my last 2 year grades and i agreed. I never asked for sympathy, i appreciate the blunt and real answers since they will only help me improve. Regarding my grades not being on par with a good lawyer or law student. You really dont know me, you dont know my struggle. The reason i didnt post my reason for a bad cgpa because i knew it didnt matter, i could only improve my grades not justify bad ones. I did have a terrible first year since I was suffering from mental health issues with the loss of a loved one and no support from friends or family i was isolated. But none of that is important. I know if I put in the work I can definetely be good enough for law school. I go to a pretty tough school U of T, doing a pretty competitive major and I am not complaining about that, I appreciate that it has made me a very hard worker. My grades in 3rd year are close to 3.7 however I was worried that for my L2 gpa calculation that it would include my 2nd year marks as well in which i didnt do as good with a 3.2. I am hopeful that if they include summer or 1st semester grades from 4th year I might have a better l2 gpa. The reason I want to get into law school is because I want to be able to support my family early on. I am not very well off, and my family expects me to get into law school after I graduate since they are immigrants and dont really know the idea of waiting and reapplying again and again since they would want me to get married off since I am a a girl. I know that is something I have to deal with and talk to my parents to but I hope you can understand not everyone has the luxury of time.
  14. thank you so much!, maybe i can hope to get my l2 to a 3.7 if i ace my 1st semester of 4th year. Does Queens, just say its a school that looks at l2 but actually weighs your cgpa alot? also do they count full year course load as l2 right not summer courses or half of first semester of 4th year?
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