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  1. i just checked and there arent any lsat books for sale on craiglist for all of toronto
  2. people on kijiji overprice like crazy! they dont even negotitiate, is craiglist any different?
  3. Hi guys, I wanted to know if any of you are selling your powerscore bible trilogy (a recent edition) with the workbooks and pretests. I am a broke uni student so cant buy the $170 package from amazon. I live in toronto, so if anyone near that area wants to sell me their books please let me know. Thank you!
  4. lawstud101

    Low cGPA 3.1

    its out of 4.0 but these are not entirely accurate since I am still finishing my 3rd year right now. I am guessing it would be 3.6 hopefully
  5. lawstud101

    Low cGPA 3.1

    i agree with the two other other comments diplock and maximumbob. I dont know what kjac2014 was trying to say in that comment since it didnt really go with the rest of the comments before that. Everyone else had just recommended that I improve my last 2 year grades and i agreed. I never asked for sympathy, i appreciate the blunt and real answers since they will only help me improve. Regarding my grades not being on par with a good lawyer or law student. You really dont know me, you dont know my struggle. The reason i didnt post my reason for a bad cgpa because i knew it didnt matter, i could only improve my grades not justify bad ones. I did have a terrible first year since I was suffering from mental health issues with the loss of a loved one and no support from friends or family i was isolated. But none of that is important. I know if I put in the work I can definetely be good enough for law school. I go to a pretty tough school U of T, doing a pretty competitive major and I am not complaining about that, I appreciate that it has made me a very hard worker. My grades in 3rd year are close to 3.7 however I was worried that for my L2 gpa calculation that it would include my 2nd year marks as well in which i didnt do as good with a 3.2. I am hopeful that if they include summer or 1st semester grades from 4th year I might have a better l2 gpa. The reason I want to get into law school is because I want to be able to support my family early on. I am not very well off, and my family expects me to get into law school after I graduate since they are immigrants and dont really know the idea of waiting and reapplying again and again since they would want me to get married off since I am a a girl. I know that is something I have to deal with and talk to my parents to but I hope you can understand not everyone has the luxury of time.
  6. lawstud101

    Low cGPA 3.1

    thank you so much!, maybe i can hope to get my l2 to a 3.7 if i ace my 1st semester of 4th year. Does Queens, just say its a school that looks at l2 but actually weighs your cgpa alot? also do they count full year course load as l2 right not summer courses or half of first semester of 4th year?
  7. lawstud101

    Low cGPA 3.1

    yes thank you, i will
  8. lawstud101

    Low cGPA 3.1

    my EC are pretty average i guess, I am taking doing a BSc in Molecular biology so I have research experience and 2 published posters presentations, with some experience working with a public health professor, I also aim to volunteer in a law firm maybe during the summer to bump up my EC so recommendation letters would be from my Prof or people i volunteer for. Yes it was timed test.
  9. lawstud101

    Low cGPA 3.1

    Hi guys, I am new to this website but so far I have the discussion really helpful. I am a 3rd year student going into 4th year, I plan on taking the LSAT in September. My cold diagnostic score was 165, do I have a chance of getting in law school? I want to apply to schools in Ontario that look at L2,B2 like Western and Queens, my question is if my cGPA is pretty low but I manage to get a decent LSAT score and have good L2 with a 3.5-3.6 ish would this be enough for these schools or even Calgary or Alberta? If I take summer courses will these be counted in my L2 calculation or only full course years? so basically my 2 and 3 year grades will be used right not even my 4th year one semester marks?