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  1. I did my undergrad at a "party school" and still got good grades, was accepted into 4/5 law schools I applied to. So don't worry!! (probably didn't get in to the 1/5 because my LSAT was just average)
  2. Hey, do you know if the FB group has been made yet?
  3. Pretty unimportant question, but I'm curious. What is the social vibe like at Dal? Do students "dress up" for class or is it pretty relaxed (like undergrad)? Are students mostly friends? Cliques? Is it hard to find people to study and hang out with?
  4. Has anyone heard back about scholarships? The website noted that decisions made regarding scholarships would be announced at the end of January, so wanted to put it out there and see if anyone had heard back, as I haven't.
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where I can find the scholarship forms? I am lost
  6. Accepted today - was really not expecting too be admitted so early! LSAT 158 GPA 3.8 ish (not sure exactly)
  7. Accepted yesterday - extremely excited GPA roughly 3.85 and 158 LSAT NS Resident
  8. Yes, kind of. It was a very detailed and personal letter which commented on specific things mentioned in my personal statement!
  9. Accepted this afternoon! I submitted my application two days ago (the 18th) and was accepted today - my references had not even submitted their letters yet. 158 LSAT, 3.8 GPA before drops
  10. Congratulations!! That is exciting When did you submit your completed application? And also, did you use references?
  11. As the title says, I'm in the process of applying to UNB and am a bit confused as to how they are able to see my LSAT score. For all the other schools I've applied to, they have explicitly asked for my LSAC number. I was wondering how this works for UNB - any help is appreciated! Thank you
  12. Hi everyone, I really need your help! I have two great academic referees who are more than happy to write me letters of recommendation. I'm in the process of applying for schools right now and am super confused. what information do I give my referees? is this something that is conducted through LSAC? I'm very lost and new to all of this so anything helps thank you!!
  13. I'm writing for the first time on September 8th and cannot shake the intense stress and feelings of self doubt I have surrounding this test. Getting into law school has been a top priority of mine for years and for that reason, I'm super anxious about this period of time leading up to the text (3 weeks). Anyone who has wrote the LSAT, or who is planning to write in September - how should I work on reducing my stress and maintaining a positive attitude about the test? Thanks in advance, any insight or tips are appreciated!
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